Vivianne Rose Decker- Beautiful Daughter Of Jessie James Decker

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Vivianne Rose Decker- Beautiful Daughter Of Jessie James Decker

Vivianne Rose Decker is the daughter of singer and songwriter Jessie James Decker and former footballer, Eric Decker

About her Gorgeous Mom

Jessica Rose James is a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and television personality. 

She was born on April 12, 1988. She was born in Vicenza, Italy. 

Her mother was  Karen Johnson, and her father, Robert James, was a Vietnam War veteran. 

Her mother was married to Steve Parker, who was in the  U.S. Air Force, so she kept moving to different cities.

In 2006, she completed her graduation from Warner Robins High School

She is the eldest among her two siblings, and their names are Sydney Rae Bass and John James. She also has two step-siblings, Ashley Parker and Alex Parker.

When she was 9, she started singing and won a talent competition. She also started writing her songs and started to play plastic guitar. 

Her debut album was Jessie James, released in August 2009, which got 23rd number on the Billboard 200

When her next album did not perform well, she changed her career path and wanted to record country music. 

Her EP Comin' Home hit number one on iTunes top albums chart and came in top 5 on Billboard's top country albums chart.

Vivianne Rose Decker beautiful family
Vivianne Rose Decker beautiful family  Source: Instagram 

Married to Eric Decker

Her parents met for the first time in 2011 through a mutual friend. 

When a friend of Jessie was having dinner with her date, she noticed a charming man and showed a picture of her to the man. 

The man then took her number and initiate to text first, and that's how the relationship has begun. 

Eric is a former footballer. He played eight seasons for National Football League (NFL). 

He was born on March 15, 1987, in Cold Spring, Minnesota. He attended Rocori High School and the University of Minnesota.

In 2013, he signed a four-year contract worth $2,522,000 with NFL

In 2014, he signed a five-year, $36.25 million contract with the New York Jets

With a very successful football career, he has a net worth of $10 Million.

Vivianne Rose Decker with her dad Eric Decker
Vivianne Rose Decker with her dad Eric Decker   Source: Instagram

They got engaged in 2012 and got married in 2013. They got married at St. Francis in Castle Rock, Colorado and the reception was at the Castle Cliff Estates.

They released the television reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On in 2013, three seasons

The show went on for five years till 2017 with 20 episodes. The show follows their wedding preparation to their life as parents of two children. 

Their struggle in handling their career and raising their children is shown in the show. 

The couple is together for seven years now, and their married life was going like a newly married couple. They look too good together.

Vivianne Rose Decker parents Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker
Vivianne Rose Decker parents Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker  Source: Instagram

Her Siblings 

She has two little siblings. In September 2015, a baby boy  Eric Thomas II was born, and in March 2018, Decker'sanother brother was born, and his name is Forrest Bradley

Now the family lives in a beautiful house in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a special bonding with her two little cute brothers. 

Her parents have uploaded several photos of their children on their respective Instagram

Fitness Freak Mom 

Vivianne Rose Decker with her mother
Vivianne Rose Decker with her mother  Source: Instagram 

She shares her fitness journey and working out videos with her viewers on Instagram

She says that it is very hard to maintain her fitness routine after having three kids, and some areas need special treatment. 

She has shared her experience with Wrappable RF Applicator Treatment, a 15-minute treatment that helps make skin more youthful. 

She also has a summer body prep program which is live-streamed on Amazon live.

Jessie Can’t Live Without A Moisturizer 

Jessie James Decker gave an interview to ExtraTV. In the interview, she talked about her new songs and things she can't live without. 

Jessie was in San Francisco when she gave the interview and was there for a show. 

It was her sixth day of the tour, and she was having an extremely amazing time there. 

She had 14 more shows to go. Jessie opened up that she was on tour with her whole family. 

Her husband and children everyone were there. She said that she had made a schedule for her kids, and she made them pick and choose the days. 

Her kids won't be everywhere she goes. While giving the interview, she had shown on the stagecoach and said that her husband was on the plane with her children, mom and dad.

They went to Disney land, and she was hoping her husband would make it till evening so that she could get her husband's company. 

Jessie said that it was her first-time experience playing on a stagecoach. She was very excited about that. 

Jessie then talked about her new song, Roots and Wings and explained how it relates to her real life. 

She said that wings define all the achievements she has in her life, and she is so very grateful for what she got in her life.

Roots mean she won't forget where she has come from. Her song is meant for everyone. 

After that, the interviewer asked Jessie about the three must-have things for her. Jessie replied that she couldn't live without moisturizer, chapstick, a hat and sunglasses. 

She said she needs a lot of moisturizers and can't go anywhere without them. 

She was in San Francisco, and she needed moisturizer as it was drying over there. 

She didn't work out as she was busy at that time. She just sleeps whenever she gets free time, but she does it very seriously when she does work out. 

Net Worth and Income Sources 

Her mother's net worth is $10 million, and her income source is music and television show.

Net worth $10 million
Income sources Music, television show

Age, Weight, and Height 

  1. She was born on March 18, 2014, making her seven years old.
  2. She is a growing baby, so her exact height and weight are unknown.
  3. Her sign is Pisces.

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