Who Is Vald Gatcan? Fiance Of Marinela Bezer

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Who Is Vald Gatcan? Fiance Of Marinela Bezer

Vlad Gatcan is the fiance of British social media influencer and TV personality Marinela Bezer

Vlad is an entrepreneur by profession. He came to the spotlight after he started dating Marinela.

He is living in London. He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

Vlad Gatcan's fiancee Marinela Bezer
Vlad Gatcan's fiancee Marinela Bezer. Source: Instagram


Marinela is not married yet. However, she has a fiance. 

Her fiance's name is Vald Gatcan, who is an entrepreneur. 

The couple started dating in 2011.

Vald and Marinela are very open about their relationship, and they are seen posting many pictures of themselves together on social media. 

The couple is always traveling to different places, enjoying their relationship. 

As of 2022, they have completed ten years of togetherness and live together in London

They got engaged on 25 September 2020.

Marinela has also announced that she is getting married to her boyfriend in 2022 through her Instagram post. 

Vlad Gatcan with his fiancee Marinela Bezer
Vlad Gatcan with his fiancee Marinela Bezer. Source: Instagram


His fiance Marinela is 23 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Marinela is $1.5 Million. Her source of income comes as being a social media influencer and tv personality. 

Vlad Gatcan posing in car
Vlad Gatcan posing in car Source: Instagram

Marinela's Body Isn't What It Looks

Marinela has confessed some truth about her body in one of her posts. 

She posted a photo of herself in which she was wearing a bikini, and in that photo, she wrote that her body was not as same as it looked in the photo. 

In that photo, she had a flat stomach, but she doesn't have that flat belly in reality. 

She revealed that she has a bloated stomach, and to hide that, she sucks in her belly so that it looks flat in the photo. 

She also revealed that she does have stretch marks, and she is thankful to her boyfriend that he made her confident about her stretch marks and made her love them. 

She also opened up about having visible cuticles in her body and said that her cuticle gets more visible when she doesn't focus more on her workout and eats unhealthy food. 

She wanted other people to confess about their bodies that they were hiding from others through that post. 

Marinela Wants To Make Feel People Positive 

Marinela decided that she won't post any disturbing images on her social media. 

She posted on her Instagram about the disastrous situation in Ukraine, and she also talked about the time when she was feeling really bad. 

She got more feared after seeing the terrible news on social media about what was going on in Ukraine

There she also saw people fighting and judging each other, which created so much negative energy and hatred among the people. 

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking, but she wants people to stay away from the unnecessary and untruthful information which is viral on social media. 

That whole situation taught her to be grateful for her present life and live happily in her present. 

She wanted people to behave positively and not be victims of emotional, spiritual and informational war. 

Better Life In Reality 

Marinela is well-known for being a social media star, and she always makes people amazed with her content on her Instagram. 

She has many followers, and people get quite impressed by her posts. 

By looking at her social media, many people think that her good life is only limited to social media, and her real life is not as good as she shows on social media. 

But in one of her posts, she wrote that her life outside of social media is much better, and she is enjoying her life fullest. 

Criticized For Her Height

Marinela is 1.60m tall. According to Marinela, her short height was criticized by many people, and they tried to make her feel bad about her height. 

She also gets many bad comments about her height from people, and she is called many names. 

But Marinela thinks that she is perfect and has no personal problem with her height. 

She also opened up that she has got a lot of advantages from her short height as she gets kids ticket and because of her short height, people even think that she is younger than her actual age. 

She is happy and confident about herself with her short height.  

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