Who Is Vladimir Djokovic? GrandFather Of Novak Djokovic

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Who Is Vladimir Djokovic? GrandFather Of Novak Djokovic

Vladimir Djokovic was the grandfather of professional tennis player Novak Djokovic. He was married to Stanka.

They shared three kids. His son Srdjan Djokovic is a former professional skier and skiing coach. 

 Vladimir Djokovic's son and grandson.
Vladimir Djokovic's son and grandson. Source: People

Grandson's Married Life

Novak is happily married to Jelena Djokovic. They met each other in high school, but at that time, they were not in any romantic relationship. 

They started dating each other a decade later. They tied the knot in 2014. 

They share two kids. His wife is the CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Novak Djokovic with his wife.
Novak Djokovic with his wife. Source: Instagram


His grandson Novak is 36 years old.

Net Worth

His grandson Novak's net worth is estimated to be $240 million.

Novak Talked About His Health Issues

Novak has undergone nasal surgery to improve his breathing. 

In an interview, Novak said he had been dealing with respiratory problems in his early playing career. 

He said he had mild asthma and used to feel suffocated during the night since he was seven years old. 

As he grew older, his allergies and problems got intense. 

He felt the most pain when he was playing in court. He added he had a lot of expectations to meet and had a lot of pressure and emotional changes, and all of these together resulted in him making his health worse. 

He shared that his doctor contacted several other doctors and his parents, and he started his sessions with him. He added after taking treatment; he felt much better. 

He added that the doctor analyzed his physical, mental, and emotional health and food allergies. 

He shared that his diet was one of the core problems of all of his problems, and after changing his diet, he got rid of his allergies. 

He said he could feel improved health after starting his session with his doctor. He said he had to skip many matches as he was undergoing treatment. 

Novak Shares What He Eats In A Day

Novak drinks a glass of warm water after he wakes up in the morning. 

Then he drinks celery juice on an empty stomach. He makes his breakfast. 

He eats green smoothies and lots of fruits for his breakfast. He eats superfoods and also takes supplements. 

He said at the first part of the day; he likes to eat something light like salad and fruit. 

He shared he doesn’t eat food requiring more time and energy for digestion. 

He eats soda grains, quinoa and millet, white rice, and sweet potatoes. 

Novak Talked About How Supportive His Parents Are

Novak fell in love with tennis when he was four. His parents owned a restaurant in Serbia, so his father bought a tennis racket for him and built a tennis court in front of the restaurant. 

His father was also a skier and soccer player. He said that he has athletic qualities in his genes. 

He said tennis was not a familiar sport in his family, but his parents supported his interest and allowed him to pursue a career in tennis. 

He shared his parents sacrificed a lot of things so that they could fulfill their son's dream. 

He added his parents tried to hide their struggle from him, but he had witnessed some of them. 

He mentioned his mom is the pillar of the family. He said she raised her three kids in a small apartment and did everything she could for them to have a good life.

He said that his mom is a superwoman. He added his father is a visionary and found a way to support his family. 

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