Who Is Wahida Djebbara? Mother Of Karim Benzema

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Who Is Wahida Djebbara? Mother Of Karim Benzema

Wahida Djebbara is the mother of Karim Benzema. Her son is a professional footballer who plays for the La Liga club Real Madrid.

He is also on the national team of France. She was born and brought up in Lyon. She is married to Hafid Benzema

Wahida Djebbara's husband, Hafid Bensema and son, Karim Benzema.
Wahida Djebbara's husband, Hafid Bensema and son, Karim Benzema. Source: Instagram

Is Karim Dating Anyone?

Karim is not dating anyone as he is a married man. He is happily married to Cora Gauthier

She is a fashion model by profession and is also an influencer. 

They met each other for the first time in 2015, and they started dating each other from then. 

They tied a knot in 2017. Karim is a very private person. He dislikes sharing his personal life in front of the media. 

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He tries his best to keep the spotlight away from his personal life. The couple is blessed with a son. 

Karim has a daughter from his previous relationship. Cara is a stepmom to her. 

Cora is a supportive wife and has been by her husband's side from the beginning. 

Wahida Djebbara's son, Karim Benzema and her grandchildren.
Wahida Djebbara's son, Karim Benzema and her grandchildren. Source: Instagram


Wahida is 65 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $75 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional football player. 

His yearly income is estimated to be $4 million. He is in contract with Real Madrid till 2022.

He earns around 294,000 pounds per week. He also makes chunks by working with big brands. 

Wahida Djebbara with her son, Karim Benzema.
Wahida Djebbara with her son, Karim Benzema. Source: Instagram

Did Karim Date Rihanna?

Karim dated Rihanna for a while in 2015. They were spotted partying with each other on various night club. 

Karim even said he was very happy to meet her and said that she was a different person in real life than the one presented by the media. 

But their relationship didn’t work, so they broke up after a while. 

Sources said that Rihanna was not still over her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Karim later said that they were just friends.

Karim Doesn't Have Idol

Karim considers people differently. She said he doesn’t have any idols in his life, but he has a role model. 

He looks up to Ronaldo, the Brazilian in football. 

He said that he loves him and he used to watch him play and try to copy his movements and style of playing but couldn’t as there is not like him and no one can learn his natural skills. 

He adores him and is still a big fan. When he was going live also, he said that there is no one like Ronaldo, and he is the best for him. 

After him, the one he looks up to is Mike Tyson. He said they both came from nothing and achieved so much independently. 

Mike is a big inspiration to him. He has even planned to learn kickboxing after he retires from his football career. 

The Reason Why Karim Always Wears A Bandage In His Right Hand

Karim stands out as he always wears a bandage on his right hand. People are curious about whether that is a style or he is hiding something from it. 

There is a legit reason behind it. The reason is that in 2019, he injured his pinky finger during a match. 

He had to undergo surgery, and that would prevent him from playing. 

His team had to go through a rough patch when he was injured. So made a comeback after six days with a bandage on his hand. 

Ever since, he has not removed his bandage. He did not have that operation and continued to play with his injured finger. 

Without the surgery, his hand has moulded into a certain shape naturally. He has a deformity in his finger, but it doesn’t affect him and his career. 

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