Wayne Maines

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Wayne Maines

Wayne Maines is the father of popular actress and well-known transgender activist Nicole Maines

He is a former military at Air Force, active speaker, and vice president of safety and preservation in Austin, Texas

He is an LGBTQ trainer in Justice, FBI, who graduated from Cornell University and has completed a doctorate from West Virginia University.

Wife Kelly Maines

Kelly Maines grew older in an unorthodox family, as their mother's sister had nurtured her. 

Wayne and Kelly decide to adopt a child as Kelly found herself unable to bear children. 

They had adopted two twins Wyatt (later Nicole) and Jonas, from Kelly's Cousin Sarah.

When the kids turned three years old, Kelly was introduced to the likings and dislikings of Wyatt

As Wyatt would often express feminine interest and behavior, Kelly tried to help Wyatt in every possible way.

After knowing about Wyatt being transgender, she insisted on finding ways to comfort Wyatt's transition.

She also played a vital role in overcoming her husband's fear regarding the safety of two babies. 

She insisted on making Wayne understand that he possesses one son and a daughter.

In the present day, both Kelly and Wayne advocate for transgender rights and actively create a Trans friendly environment.

Wayne's wife and his two children
Wayne's wife and his two children   Source: Twitter

His Struggle to Make Nicole Life Easy

Being born into a conservative family, he first feared speaking up and understanding his Trans child Nicole

He faced several challenges in the upbringing of transgender child Nicole

Now, he is working hard to build an environment that could ensure the quality of life for every transgender child.

Nicole  would often talk to her parents about how she felt in the wrong body. Later, her mother had acknowledgment of her feminine identity. 

Nicole was somehow allowed to use the female's bathroom till fifth grade. 

Then, she was forced to use an isolated bathroom as the grandparents of her classmate complained of her using the bathroom, having said that faggoats cannot be in female bathrooms. 

Nicole felt humiliated by her being transgender at that time. Then, Kelly, with her two children, was compelled to settle in Portland, Maine

They remained to conceal their true identity. Kelly was able to convince Wayne about the true identity of Wyatt.

Then, the family together waited five years for transgender children's rights to use the bathroom of their gender identification. 

Maine's Supreme Court verdict on Doe v. Regional School Unit 26, which took five years declared that Nicole's right to use the female bathroom was violated. 

So, the court decided every community school should allow transgender children to use the bathroom according to their gender identification.

Family Picture on Christmas
Family Picture on Christmas  Source: Instagram

About His  Daughter

Nicole is a famous actress and the first to be portrayed as a superhero in the transgender community. 

She is also an activist who advocates for transgender children raised in inequality and humiliated for being different. 

Nicole and her family were supported by the LGBTQ community, GLAAD, and others for fighting for their rights.

Nicole is a second-year student of arts, news media, and communication. 

She has been popular for the TV series SuperGirl. Nicole and her family have played a supportive role in his transition journey of becoming female.

Her wedding and boyfriend's name are not out yet. Since she has kept such information private.

Wayne Maines with Nicole
Wayne Maines with Nicole   Source: Instagram

Nicole was renamed after Wyatt had gone through reassignment surgery. 

The name Nicole is derived from a character of teen comedy program on Nickelodeon Zoey 101.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Wayne is not available, but her daughter Nicole earns $1- 5 Million (approx.), and her income source is TV series, film, and other projects.

Net Worth                $1- 5 Million (approx.)
Income SourceActress and transgender  activist

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. His exact age is unknown.
  2. He has average weight and height.
  3. He is American.

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