Wendy Graham

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Wendy Graham

Wendy Graham is the daughter of American educator, author, businessman and public speaker, Stedman Graham

Her mother name is Glenda Graham. She is the only child of her parents. 

Wendy works for Stedman's Marketing and Management firm. She is an American citizen by nationality.

Wendy's dad Stedman
Wendy's dad Stedman  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Of Stedman Graham 

Stedman was married to Glenda Graham. They got married in 1974 and have a daughter together. They later got divorced. 

Stedman also dated Robin Robinson who is an anchor.

They met each other for the first time in Denver Country Club where he used to work as a tennis instructor. 

They both met and started dating in 1982

Stedman and Robin were together for four years, and after that they broke up. 

After ending his relationship with Robin, he started dating Oprah Winfrey. They started dating in 1986

As of now, they are still together. They are not married but have completed more than three decades together.

Wendy Graham with Stedman Graham
Wendy Graham with Stedman Graham  Source: Instagram 

About Stedman Graham 

Stedman is an American educator, author, businessman and public speaker born on March 6, 1951.

He was born to Mary Jacobs and Stedman Graham Sr. He is a well-known businessman. He is the founder of AAD

Graham was professor at a University too. Besides being a businessman and educator, he is also an author. 

Some of his books are Who Are You, You Can Make it Every day and Identity Leadership.

Wendy Graham Family
Wendy Graham Family  Source: Instagram


Wendy is 47 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Stedman is $10 Million. He earns as being an educator, author, businessman and public speaker. 

The average income of an educator is $51,387 per year.

Wendy's Fiancé Was Drowned In The Ocean

In 2002, Wendy was on vacation with her fiancé Sherman Galbreath in Virgin Island. They were having a great time there. 

Wendy was teaching her fiancé how to swim because he didn't know swimming, and it was going well. 

Suddenly while swimming, Sherman Galbreath started to drown in water. Fortunately, he was saved by people around there. 

Wendy never had such an amazing relationship with anyone before Sherman

Stedman Graham Is A Qualified Activist

Many celebrities become activists and do social work after being popular or earning lots of money. 

Stedman is seen helping people, talking about community, racism, and doing social activities. 

He is a popular celebrity and is financially wealthy but what people don't know is he is a qualified social worker. 

He got degree in social work

He now motivates people, helps them and becomes their voice beside his business and other works.

Father A Well-Known Personality

Stedman and Oprah Winfrey have been partner for three decades. 

They have been together from the day they met. 

Many people thinks Stedman is with Oprah as she is a well-known celebrity. But he also has his fan base and followers. 

His social works and motivation have inspired many people. He has his own identity other than just being partner of Oprah.

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