Who Is Weslie Fowler? Daughter Of Stephen "Twitch" Boss

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Who Is Weslie Fowler? Daughter Of Stephen "Twitch" Boss

Weslie Fowler is the adopted daughter of late American freestyle hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor, and television personality Stephen "Twitch" Boss

Her mother's name is Allison Holker. Weslie has two siblings, a sister, Zaia Boss, and a brother, Maddox Laurel Boss

She is an American citizen.

Family of Weslie Fowler.
Family of Weslie Fowler. Source: Instagram

About Weslie's Father Stephen 

Stephen was an American freestyle hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor, television producer, and TV personality

He was born in Montgomery, Alabama, US. Stephen was the second-place holder in an American version of So You Think You Can Dance. 

He won second place in 2008.

Weslie Fowler with her father, Stephen "Twitch" Boss.
Weslie Fowler with her father, Stephen "Twitch" Boss. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life 

Stephen was married to his wife, Allison Holker. The couple tied the knot in 2013

His wife, Allison, already had a daughter named Weslie from her previous relationship. 

After getting married to Allison, he legally adopted Weslie and became her dad. 

Stephen and Allison had two children of their own. They have a daughter named Zaia and a son named Maddox

They lived happily together until Stephen's death in 2022.

Parents of Weslie Fowler.
Parents of Weslie Fowler. Source: Instagram

How Did Stephen Meet Allison?

Stephen and Allison both are from a dancing background, and because of the dance, they met each other. 

Allison and Stephen both were participants in So You Think You Can Dance

After the show ended, the couple started dating in 2010. Three years later, they got married.

Age And Net Worth 

Weslie is currently 14 years old and has her birthday on May 26.

Her father had a net worth of $5 Million. His source of income was choreography and acting. 

Weslie Sells Accessories

Weslie is known for being the daughter of famous dancers and choreographers Stephen and Allison. 

She got adopted by Stephen after her mother got married to him. 

She is in her teenage, and despite being the daughter of celebrity parents, Weslie decided to make her own money. 

She is on social media and uses her social media to promote her handmade accessory made by her. 

Her friend named, Preslie, is also doing this work with her. 

Not only she makes money, but she also donates 10 % of her earnings to help the organization working against child Trafficking.

Stephen Shot Himself

Stephen, who is well known by his stage name Twitch, has made his name in the entertainment industry. 

He was one of the most loved and adored people in Hollywood

Unfortunately, the talented choreographer and actor is no more. He was found dead in a hotel room on Dec 13, 2022

Before his death, Stephen’s wife, Allison, reported to the police that Stephen had left the house without informing her, and she had an unpleasant feeling about him. 

Soon after his search was begun, and he was found dead. His body was taken for autopsy, and the reason behind his death was known after the autopsy. 

Stephen committed suicide and shot himself in the head with a gun leading to his death. 

The death news of Stephen shocked everyone, and the people close to him were stunned by his demise. 

Stephen was a good man and had been loved by many people, so his death came as shock to many.

Stephen's Wife Was Devastated

Stephen married his wife, Allison, in 2013, and they were together till Stephen dead. 

They shared three children and losing Stephen was hard for Allison and her children. 

A few days before Stephen took his life, the couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary and shared a dance video  

It was surreal for Allison to know about her husband’s death, and on this challenging moment, she shared a post on social media. 

She wrote that her late husband was a great guy and was the backbone of their family. 

Stephen always inspired his fans and family, and now with him, everything was gone. 

Stephen's wife has asked for private time in this difficult situation and wants the public to understand her and her children's pain.

Stephen Stood With Ellen

Stephen and Ellen both had a great relationship with each other. Ellen is well known for her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Stephen was the show's former executive producer, and as they both worked together, they bonded well. 

Stephen worked for the show until its end. 

In 2020, the show host Ellen ended her show after 18 years because of the allegation made by the former workers of the show. 

They accused that they faced racism and other abuses in the workplace. They even called the show producer toxic.

Ellen struggled with the accusation, and she ended the show, but despite many workers calling it a toxic place, Stephen stood up for Ellen

He even said that he got to be himself on the show and will always be grateful to be part of Ellen's show.

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