Who Is Cora Schensema? Mother Of Memphis Depay

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Who Is Cora Schensema? Mother Of Memphis Depay

Cora Schensema is the mother of Dutch professional football player Memphis Depay. 

She was married to Dennis Depay. Cora is a Dutch citizen.

Cora Schensema with her son, Memphis Depay.
Cora Schensema with her son, Memphis Depay. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

Cora was married to Dennis Depay. They married a long time back. Cora met Dennis at the train station for the first time. 

Dennis was married and had two children from his previous marriage, but it didn't matter to Cora, so she married him in 1990. 

Sadly their marriage didn't last long. 

She and Dennis have a son together named Memphis, but Dennis left her and Memphis when their son was just a 4-year-old kid. 

Dennis took his older children and turned his back on Cora and Memphis. She raised her son as a single mother and struggled a lot.

Cora Schensema with her ex-husband and son, Memphis Depay.
Cora Schensema with her ex-husband and son, Memphis Depay. Source: Twitter

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Cora are unknown. 

Her son Memphis is currently 28 years old and has a net worth of $23 Million.

Cora Schensema's son Memphis Depay.
Cora Schensema's son Memphis Depay. Source: Instagram

Two Men left Cora

Cora’s son Memphis is a successful football player, and everything is on track for her now. 

But as Memphis was just a child, Cora had to go through a lot with her son. 

Cora’s husband, Memphis's father, left them when he was just four. 

Cora didn’t have any source of support; hence he married another guy. But he also left him going behind with lottery money. 

So her only support in her life was her son. They hence grew pretty close to each other, sharing every sorrow. 

This is why Memphis is taking excellent care of her mother to date.

Memphis Was Heartbroken In His Teenage

Memphis always dreamt of being a football player, and he was always supported by his grandfather Cees. 

His grandmother described that Memphis was close to Cees as a child. Cees always looked after Memphis and inspired him. 

Memphis had a tough childhood as he had an unstable family drama. 

But Cees was the one who taught him to tackle his problems and used his frustration on his dreams. 

At age 15, Memphis’s grandfather died, and he felt like it was over. He was very much heartbroken by what his grandmother described. 

But after his grandfather said this, he became more focused on his dreams. 

He was then successful in being a part of Manchester United. 

Although his grandfather didn’t see him wearing the red jersey, his grandmother said Cees would be proud of his grandson.

Memphis Finds Premier League Toughest

Memphis had played in Manchester United as a forward man, and he knows the Premier League enough. 

He didn’t have a remarkable Premier League career but matured with time. 

From what he said during his time in Lyon, he was more mature in the French League than in Premier League.

According to Memphis, Premier League is the toughest league in the world, as everything happens very fast. 

He felt that speed and toughest were really a thing in the Premier League. But during his time in Lyon, he felt the freedom to play. 

He didn’t have to speed up or play tough. He just had to use his talents and skills to play the ball. 

He found it more suitable in French League than in Premier League.

Memphis Was Said To Keep Quite By Noa Lang

The Netherlands went against Wales in UEFA Nations League, where the Dutch team won the Wales national team.

Memphis’s team, the Netherlands, won the match with a 3-2 lead, and Memphis was the major scorer of the game as he scored the winning goal. 

But one of the goals was also scored by Noa Lang. After cutting the goal, Noa went to Memphis and told him to keep quiet by sign language. 

It was seen as very offensive to the fans, but Memphis didn’t take it seriously as they knew what they were doing. 

Noa then revealed after the match that they were kidding with each other. 

He revealed that Memphis called him trouble for the team in the dressing room, so he celebrated in that way as a healthy exchange of words.

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