Who Is Will Sasso Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Will Sasso Parents And Partner?

Will Sasso is a Canadian actor, comedian, and podcaster. He is well known for his appearance on MADtv and his portrayal as Balthazor Hellman in Neighbors from Hell. 

He was born in 1975 to his parents, Anna and Antonio.

Will Sasso and his wife.
Will Sasso and his wife. Source: Instagram

Married Life 

Will is married to his wife, Molly Sasso. The couple tied the knot in 2022

According to Will, he fell in love with Molly the moment he met her and is so blessed to have her in his life. 

The couple have two fur babies and are living happily together. 

Will Sasso and his mom.
Will Sasso and his mom. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Will is 48 years old. He has a net worth of $4 Million. His source of income is acting and comedy. 

Will Has A Podcast

Will is a well-known actor, and he is also a podcast runner apart from his acting career. 

In an interview, he talked about his podcast and said it is fully AI-based.

He and his longtime friend Chad Kultgen run the podcast, and its name is Dudesy.

Also, he said that his AI podcast does lots of strange stuff, which normal AI doesn’t do. 

He feels and knows that AI is dumb as it runs through a parlor's chips and doesn’t have his intelligence.

However, his AI podcast is somehow different and does strange things that are hard for him and his friend to understand.

They have been doing the podcast for a year, and he also said that the AI podcast is the starting end of media.

Will Feels Bad For Newcomers

Will started his career when he was just a teenager. He is originally from Canada and came to the US to make his career in the entertainment industry, and that turned out very well for him. 

Things were challenging when he was starting in the acting business, but it wasn’t as hard as now.

He quickly got his work visa in the USA through the pilot episode in 1996 and received a reasonable payment in cash. 

Moving to the USA was a dream for him, and he was fortunate enough for what he had achieved. 

But things are now way too different and more complex than they were before. 

Because of that, he feels terrible for the young people trying to make their way into show business. 

Firstly, getting a work visa now has been extremely difficult, and young people have to work too hard to get into show business in the USA.

Will Got Credit For Something He Never Did

Will has done several movies and TV shows to date. He is known for his different characters and gets credit for his work.

French Prince is also one of the shows for which Will gets credit. 

However, in a podcast, Will revealed that he never did French Prince. 

Also, he has no idea why he got the French Prince credit. But when he looked through the internet and saw the actor, he realized that the actor looked like him. 

That actor somehow has a similar look, but there is a difference, as he has more hair than Will and is nicely shaped. 

Will Got Inspired by SNL

Since childhood, Will has shown interest in acting and comedy. As a kid, he watched the Saturday Night Live a lot. 

He loved that show, and seeing one person play different roles always impressed and attracted him. 

Many celebrities he idolized appeared in the show and played different characters, making him think how fortunate they were.

He wanted to do something like that, too, and his desire came true when he got to be part of MADtv. He played various roles in the show and had a fantastic experience.

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