Who Is William Pratt ? Father Of Spencer Pratt

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William Pratt is the father of American Tv personality Spencer Pratt. William’s wife's name is Janet Pratt

He has two children with Janet. William is a jaw smith. He is an American citizen.

William Pratt's daughter Stephanie Pratt
William Pratt's daughter Stephanie Pratt Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Spencer

Spencer is currently married to Heidi Montag.

The couple happily tied their knot back in 2009. They had their wedding ceremony at the Westminster Presbyterian church in California

They had 200 guests at their wedding, and they also filmed their wedding. 

After eight years of their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, in 2017.

Spencer Pratt with his wife Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt with his wife Heidi Montag Source: Instagram

How Did Spencer Meet Heidi?

Spencer met his love of life at a club back in 2006 while filming the show The Hills

They met in a club named Privilege

They soon started dating each other, and in 2009, the couple eloped Mexico as they wanted to have a private wedding but soon after, they opened up that they faked the whole elopement thing and tied the knot again in 2009.

Spencer Pratt with his son Gunner Stone
Spencer Pratt with his son Gunner Stone Source: Instagram


Spencer is 38 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Spencer is $300 thousand. His source of income comes as being a TV personality

False Rumor Leaked By Spencer

Spencer and his wife Heidi have been married for many years, and they are one an adorable couple. 

Many years back, Spencer, along with his wife Heidi, started a rumor of having a sex tape of Lauren Conrad.

Lauren, Spencer and Heidi all showed their appearance in the show The Hills and Heidi and Lauren were very good friends to each other. 

In an interview, Lauren opened up that she was betrayed by her friend Heidi and she told that Heidi and Spencer did it because they wanted to create a bad image of Lauren in the industry. 

She said they did that because they wanted to move ahead in their career by letting her down in front of other people, and she was very hurt. 

Hatred For Cast Members 

Spencer had a role in the show The Hills with his wife, Heidi

On Spencer’s social media, one of his fans came up and asked if any of his co-stars said him sorry or not.

He replied by saying that the co-stars he worked with “The Hills” are the worst people he had met in his life. 

He opened up that he was treated very badly by them, and not only was he, but they also mistreated his wife, Heidi

The fans replied to him, saying that the co-stars were jealous of them, so they treated Spencer and Heidi in that way. 

As his co-stars were bad to Spencer, he indicated them as the worst people. 

Reality Show Was Unreal

Spencer and Heidi revealed the truth about their show, The Hills

The couple opened up that when the show started, everything was real, but slowly they started faking the show, and in no time, the whole reality show became fake. 

They said that whatever happened in the show was never real.

In that show, Spencer and Heidi had a scene where Heidi gets kicked out by Spencer from his car, and they said that it was scripted. 

In reality, it never happened. Heidi opened up that if that happened in her life, then she would never stay with a person who kicked her out. 

The arguments shown between people in that reality show were not real. 

Spencer said that they were getting a bonus if they could get the rating in the show and for that, they do every possible thing to gain the rating. 

Made Fake Pregnancy 

Spencer revealed how the show's producer “The Hills” made his wife Heidi pretend to be pregnant.

He opened up that his wife was pregnant while filming season two, but nothing had happened to his wife, as shown in the show. 

He said that the show producer made his wife act as if she was worried and scared about her pregnancy just to make the show story interesting. 

But in reality, his wife was never worried about her pregnancy. 

He said that one of the producer told him to punch his sister to show on camera, and he called that producer a demon as he gave him that kind of suggestion.

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