Who Is William Sands? Father Of Julian Sands

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William Sands is the father of the English actor Julian Sands. 

He was married to Brenda Sands. William has five sons with his ex-wife Brenda. He is an English citizen by his nationality.

About William's Son Julian 

Julian is an actor well known for his portrayal of John Swain in the movie The Killing Fields

He was born in the year 1958 and has his birthday on January 4. 

He was raised by her mother, Brenda, alone in Otley, England. He grew up with his four brothers. 

Julian has role-played in many movies throughout his Hollywood career and has earned success in his life. 

William Sands's son Julian Sands.
William Sands's son Julian Sands. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Julian 

Julian has been married two times in his life. His first marriage was with journalist Sarah Harvey. 

They tied the knot back in 1984 and shared a son named Henry. 

Julian and Sarah's marriage lasted for only three years, and in 1987, they divorced. 

Julian is now married to his second wife, Evgenia Citkowitz. Her second wife is also a journalist; they married in 1990. 

Julian has two children, both daughters, with his now wife. His daughters' names are Imogen Morley Sands and Natalya Morley Sands. 

Julian Sands with his wife.
Julian Sands with his wife. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

His son Julian is 65 years old. He has a net worth of $3 Million.

Female Energy Inspires Julian

Julian gave an interview at Stony Brook University where he talked about his energy and reasons for continuing his brilliant works in his life. 

He revealed that he grew up with four siblings in one of the rural communities of England and went to a boarding school near his house. 

It was a boy-only school, so he never encountered female energy while growing up. 

But once he was into drama, he had to work with many females, which made his career enjoyable. 

He revealed that he feels female energy is intense and expressed that it was the only thing that inspires him to work more and more. 

He said that females are why he feels life in this world is fascinating.

His Teacher Boosted Julian’s Imagination

When Julian was in high school, he was interested in imagining things and working on his performance and talent. 

So, he always got inspired by anyone tilted in that direction. His English teacher was also in love with literature and dramas. 

He simplified things about literacy, which boosted Julian’s imagination to a greater level. 

He revealed that his English teacher was very encouraging, and he showed his support to Julian by writing the Seminal for admission to the drama school. 

He was like a mentor to Julian. But Mike Figgis was the professional mentor that Julian took much from. 

Mike’s directive skills and how he respects and inspires people to encourage Julian to be like him.

Julian Is A Wine Enthusiast 

Julian revealed in one of his interviews that he was an enormous wine enthusiast. 

He is so much in love with the wine that he has a great collection of wines from different countries and times. 

He is somewhat of a wine freak. He does not just like to collect or drink wine but also likes to read poems and literacy about wine. 

He knows how tasty the wine will be after a decade or so. So, he collects them and tries to open them in the future. 

He also showed some of his favorite and rare collections of wines that he had. 

He also opens some bottles of wine for his guests at Christmas

But at that time of year, he drank much of the wine alone as there were fewer guests at Christmas.

Julian’s Chances Of Survival Is Less

Julian went hiking on 13 January, leaving his house and has not been found yet. 

Julian went to South Carolina for hiking and has not responded since. 

His wife reported to the police about his missing, and they have been searching for him since that date. 

Helicopters have also been deployed for the search party of the actor. 

Mountain hiking was stated to be dangerous In January due to high snow risks. 

On the same hiking path, two people have already been dead in whom a month, among which is one professional hiker as well. 

In the past four weeks, there have been 14 rescue missions. 

The Carolina emergency service has been tracing Julian’s phone signal, which was seen up to January 15 and January 13. 

It was reported that the more time it takes to find him—the less chance of him being alive. 

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