Who Is William Wolf Howey? Son Of Sarah Shahi

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Who Is William Wolf Howey? Son Of Sarah Shahi

William Wolf Howey is the son of actress Sarah Shahi. He was born in 2009. 

He has two siblings. His mother has Persian Ancestry. His father, Steve Howey, is also an actor. 

His parents name his middle name Wolf because Steve also has fangs like William, and Sarah used to call him Wolfie.

While struggling with his name, they decided to put his middle name Wolf as it has meaning and sentiments. 

William Wolf Howey with his mom.
William Wolf Howey with his mom. Source: Zimbio

Why Did William's Parents Decide to Part Their Ways?

Sarah and Steve tied the knot in 2009. They called off their marriage in 2020 after being married for more than a decade.

The two share three beautiful children, Violet Moon Howey, Knox Blue Howey, and William. The two met in 2004 on the show Reb where she made a guest appearance. 

In an interview, they said they tried their best to balance their professional and personal life. 

Sarah said both of them managed to keep the sparks in their relationship. 

She shared that, at times, they were having tequila in their kitchen, a within a minute, they were changing their kids' diapers. 

Steve shared that they had a rough time during their marriage. 

He also added that both worked tirelessly and didn’t have time and energy for each other. 

He said they only had enough energy for their kids. The two didn’t clarify why they decided to end their marriage.

However, Sarah stated that it was conflicting differences between the two. 

However, they decided to co-parent their kids, be lovely families, and have mutual love and respect for each other.

Parents of William Wolf Howey.
Parents of William Wolf Howey. Source: People

Is Sarah Dating Someone?

Sarah fell in love with his co-star Adam Demos. They met on the series Sex/Life and fell for each other on set. 

They met each other back in 2020. Later in an interview, Sarah shared that she felt an instant chemistry with him on their first meeting. 

She described him as tall and charming. When they did their first scene together, she was impressed by him. 

After that, they shared behind-the-scenes snaps of each other. They looked good together on screen, but their offline chemistry was undeniable. 

In January 2021, Adam made their relationship Instagram official by posting cute photos of them wishing Sarah a happy birthday. 

After that, Sarah also posted their lovely picture on Valentine's Day

In an interview, Sarah said she had found her forever and was happy that she had found someone like her. 

She said she is grateful to have Adam and wants to spend her life with him. 

She has even tattooed Adam's initials on her finger to show her love for him. 

Sarah Picked Her Own Name

Sarah gave an interview to Jennifer Hudson's show. There in the interview, she talked about her name, Black Adam, and her being bilingual. 

Sarah opened up that her birth name was not actually Sarah. She was named by her parents Ahu Jahan Shahi. 

She is Persian, so her parents picked that name, but as she grew up in Texas, she felt uncomfortable with her own name.

Texan people have simple names like Adam Smith, and Sarah didn’t like her own name. 

So one day, when she and her mother were listening to the radio, a song titled Sarah by Jefferson Starson played, and her mom asked what she thought about keeping her name as Sarah. She liked it and picked it for herself. 

At that time, she was desperate to change her name she would change her name to anything, and as Sarah came first, she picked that one. 

She then revealed about her being bilingual. Sarah’s mom didn’t know how to speak English, but her dad was very fluent.

As her mom spoke only Farsi, she adopted both languages. She also taught the show host Jennifer a word in Farsi called dudu Teller, whose English translation is Golden Penis. 

After that, Sarah shared one of the scary experiences of the movie Black Adam. 

On the very first day of the shoot, she had to do the stunt, where she had to do a big jump over the mountain. 

There were stunt double to do those scenes, so she thought her stunt double would do it. 

She was heading to her trailer, but the director told that she had to do it with wire hanging so that they could her close up of face. 

She freaked out and thought she would die. But it was her job, and she did it without dying. It was scary, but later she felt proud of herself.


William is 13 years old

Net Worth

William's mom's net worth is estimated to be $4 million

William Wolf Howey with his parents and siblings.
William Wolf Howey with his parents and siblings. Source: People

William Wanted A Girlfriend On Christmas Day

In an interview, Sarah shared that two days before Christmas, her son asked for a girlfriend as his Christmas gift. 

She said that she couldn’t buy her girlfriend as it was illegal. Her son William said he and his friends were walking down hallways asking if anybody was interested in being their girlfriend.

One of the girls agreed to be his girlfriend. So he asked his mom if he could have her as his girlfriend. 

He even didn’t know her name or anything. So she advised him to spend some time with that girl and get to know each other well. 

To her surprise, within two days after their conversation, he came to her and said that he had got her and she had become her girlfriend. 

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