Who Is Wynn Osborne? Son Of Bobby Osborne

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Who Is Wynn Osborne? Son Of Bobby Osborne

Wynn Osborne is the son of the late American Bluegrass musician Bobby Osborne.

His mother's name is Karen Osborne. He grew up with his two brothers and a sister. Wynn himself is a Bluegrass Banjoiste. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Parents of Wynn Osborne.
Parents of Wynn Osborne. Source: Instagram

About Wynn's Father Bobby

Bobby was a bluegrass musician well known for being a member of the Grand de Opry's band, The Brothers Band.

He was born to his parents, Robert and Daisy Osborne, in 1931.

He had his birthday on 7 December. His birth name was Robert Van Osborne Jr.  

Wynn Osborne's late father Bobby Osborne.
Wynn Osborne's late father, Bobby Osborne. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

Bobby was married to his wife, Karen Osborne. They shared four children. 

Three of the kids are sons, and one is a daughter. Bobby's sons are Bobby Jr, Wynn, and Robby, and a daughter named Tina. 

Bobby's wife and children have avoided the spotlight, so little is known about their marriage.

Age And Net Worth 

His father, Bobby, was 91 years old at his death. He had a net worth of $5 Million.

Bobby Saw All The Generation

Bobby was a musician from the radio world when music used to be played and recorded on radios. 

He recorded his first song at 17 and has seen much since then. He had seen life from radio station to digital recording in his music career. 

He also became part of the Grand Ole Opry. Not only has he become a legend in classic country music, but he made his style because of the first of his kind of music. 

As an electric guitarist, initially, he mixed his learning with mandolin. 

By the end, he was such a prominent musician that he won not just one but two of the Bluegrass Hall of Fame.

His music is still played all around the world, and he has made quite an inspiration for many to come.

Bobby Got Inspired By Radio

Bobby is a legend, and his music is unique and different. 

But it might come as a surprise that he was not interested in being a musician until he heard the music on the radio played by Blue Grass Boys.

He heard the name of Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe on the radio. 

He couldn't wait to see them perform when they announced that they would play live in the place near Bobby's house. He then insisted his father visit the show. 

He was so excited to get to the show and see Bill play. But when he got to the show, Earl inspired him more by how he managed everything on his own. 

He loved how one man could make everything come together, and he then followed them and discovered his unique style making him a legend.

Ernest Tubb inspired Bobby

Bobby was known for being one of the greatest Grand de Opry singers. 

He started showing interest in Grand de Opry when he was only 11

During his day, Grand de Opry was the only thing that played on his radio, and despite that, he never showed his interest in it. 

In an interview, he talked about his first encounter with his interest in Grand de Opry

He recalled the memory of his young days when he listened to Ernest Tubb on Grand de Opry on the radio. 

Ernest then suddenly stopped singing and said something that touched Bobby.

He then heard of Ernest coming to the Memorial Hall in Ohio, so he asked his dad to take him. 

He was so happy to see Ernest there and was overwhelmed. He followed everything that Ernest did and was inspired to think of making his career in Grand de Opry.

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