Who Was Xana Martinez? Late Daughter Of Luis Enrique

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Who Was Xana Martinez? Late Daughter Of Luis Enrique

Xana Martinez is the late daughter of a Spanish football manager and a former football player Luis Enrique

Her mother's name is Elena Cullell. Her parents raised her with her two siblings, Sira Martinez and Pacho.

She died in 2019

Xana Martinez with her father, Luis Enrique.
Xana Martinez with her father, Luis Enrique. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Luis is married to his wife, Ellena Cullell. The couple tied the knot in 1997

They had three children together, but unfortunately, their youngest daughter Xana died in 2019

Luis and his wife dated for a long time before getting married.

Parents of Xana Martinez.
Parents of Xana Martinez. Source: Soccersouls

Age And Net Worth 

Xana died on 29 August 2019 at the age of nine. Her father's net worth is in hefty amount.

 Xana Martinez's sister, Sira Martinez.
 Xana Martinez's sister, Sira Martinez. Source: Instagram

Xana Died From Cancer?

Xana was just four years old when she had a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.

It was a fatal disease caused in young children under 20 years old.

The disease caused the young child to develop immature bones around the body of Xana

The young girl was really struggling with the disease for five years until she died at the age of 9 from the same disease. 

His father and mother were really heartbroken by the news. 

Especially her mother, couldn’t take the loss of her daughter and accept it. 

The young girl's death brought great sadness to many people, especially those linked with her father and mother. 

Many big celebrities like Messi and Pep Guardiola gave their condolence to the girl and her family.

Luis Called Robert Moreno Disloyal

Luis was on a break from his national coaching for some time, and during those times, his assistant coach Robert Moreno temporarily replaced him as a head coach. 

They already agreed about that, and Robert was supposed to leave the post after Luis arrived. 

But surprisingly for Luis, Robert refused to leave the post and offered to work as the head coach throughout Euro 2020 and even after that. 

Luis hence felt betrayed, and he was really offended. He knew that working as a head coach brought a lot of pride and respect toward Robert

But Luis felt that Robert failed him in loyalty and declared that he could not work with disloyal people like Robert. Hence Luis sacked Robert Moreno.

Will Luis Take Tablets Before The Match?

Luis was a part of the Champions League as the coach of Barcelona FC, and it was his first time in the Champions League final. 

As part of the finals, he was really nervous and tense about the match. 

During an interview, he called himself an active person and said that outside the actual match, he is constantly working and training players. 

But during the match, he prefers to remain calm and composed. But in the finals, he couldn’t hold his excitement and nervousness. 

He tries his best to suppress his emotions, but the tension is always in his mind and heart. 

Although the match went on his side, he was really stressed out and felt like he was going to have a heart attack. 

He said that in the next finals, he would take some tablets to calm himself down to avoid the possibility of a heart attack.

Does Barcelona Play Like A Family?

Luis was coaching Barcelona at the time when the famous trio Messi, Suarez, and Neymar were really hyped up. 

Individually, they were brilliant, but what really makes them this famous and well-liked is their selflessness towards each other. 

Luis believes that his team played like a family. Not only the trio but the whole team trained like they were one and always believed in one another. 

Luis also expressed that playing against his team Barcelona was something other teams took as a challenge because of the quality of players and the great team play between them. 

Luis also opened up that the team play was not just the results of the training, but the relationship they have in the changing room and the emotional connection they have developed with each other has really varnished the team.

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