Who Is Yasmin Abdallah? Ex-Wife Of Rufus Sewell

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Who Is Yasmin Abdallah? Ex-Wife Of Rufus Sewell

Yasmin Abdallah is the ex-wife of British actor Rufus Sewell. Yasmin was born in the year 1975 and is currently 45 years old. 

She is a fashion designer, model, and businesswoman by her profession. She is also the owner of Etre Gecile

She is a Lebanese-Australian citizen by nationality.

Stunning Yasmin Abdallah.
Stunning Yasmin Abdallah. Source: Pinterest

Marriage Life Of Yasmin

Yasmin is currently married to her husband, Kyle Robinson

They have been married for years and share two children named Knox and Renzo

Before Kyle, Yasmin was married to her ex-husband, Rufus Sewell

They met in 1999, and after nine months of their marriage, they divorced. 

Yasmin Abdallah with her husband, and their son.
Yasmin Abdallah with her husband, and their son. Source: Vogue

Yasmin’s Successful Career 

Yasmin is one of the most talented and experienced fashion designers in the fashion industry. 

She started fashion designing when she was only 16 years old and has been in the industry for more than two decades. 

Throughout the years, she has successfully collaborated with many well-known brands and has established her own sports luxe label, Etre Cecile

She worked hard to get to where she is now, and her boutique is one of the world's most significant and popular. 

About Her Ex-Husband Rufus 

Rufus is a professional actor well known for his role as Count Armand in The Legend of Zorro

As of 2023, he has shown his appearance in the Netflix series The Diplomat as Hal Wyler

He was born to his parents in 1967 and has his birthday on October 29

Yasmin Abdallah with her ex-husband, Rufus Sewell.
Yasmin Abdallah with her ex-husband, Rufus Sewell. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-husband, Rufus, is 55 years old. He has a net worth of $8 Million

Rufus Had No Idea About Acting

Rufus started his acting career when he was young.

He realized he knew nothing about acting or acting before attending drama school. 

Everything that he knew or learned about acting was from drama school. 

Drama school taught him where to start and who to audition, which was quite helpful for him. 

He got to practice and learn about acting for three years, and after that, he started doing the audition. 

He was penniless when he started acting, and to do the audition, money was a must, so he borrowed money from Christina Hurley and started auditioning. 

At that time, he borrowed only 60 dollars, but now charges for the audition have been increased by five times, which creates a hard time for middle-class people who want to get into show business.

Rufus Got Inspired By Many Things

In the interview with BAFTA, Rufus was asked about one particular TV show or movie that influenced him to be a great actor. 

He didn’t have the exact answer to the question because he wasn’t inspired or influenced by a TV show or movie. 

He opened up that many movies and TV shows inspired him, and he has very vivid memories of those things. 

But he does remember watching Charles Laughton and Anthony Hopkins bringing out different stories from their character and acting, which inspired him a lot. 

He has different images of those actors' performances that made him love them and inspired him.

Rufus Enjoyed The Humor

Rufus co-stars with Keri Russell in the Netflix series The Diplomat

They both talked about the things that made them do the show, and Keri said that the whole script and idea of the series made her say yes to the show in no time. 

On the other hand, Rufus said that his first reason for saying yes to the show was money, and secondly, he is a big fan of Keri Russell and the writer Deborah Cahn, which got him on the show. 

Also, when he got the script and read it, he found it hilarious. 

He started laughing just by reading the script, and all the humor on the show felt natural to him, making him even more interested in working on the show.

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