Who Is Yeo Pogba? Mother Of Paul Pogba

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Who Is Yeo Pogba? Mother Of Paul Pogba

Yeo Pogba is a mother of Paul Pogba. Her son is a professional football player who plays for the Series A club Juventus. 

She was married to Antoine Pogba, but they got divorced. Now he is no more. 

She is a supermom, as she raised her three kids independently. She is a big-time football supporter and lover. 

She even formed a football club in her home country Guinea, and became captain of the women's national team. 

Yeo Pogba's son, Paul Pogba and ex-husband. Source: Instagram

Is Paul Married?

Paul is happily married to Zulay Pogba. They tied a knot in 2019 after dating for two years. 

They met each other for the first time in 2017. Paul was in Los Angeles, and at that time, he had an injury. 

But the good part is he met the love of his life at that time. They connected instantly and fell for each other. 

They started seeing each other.

She was very supportive right from the beginning as she was spotted rooting for him in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was in Russia

Paul introduced her to his family, and Paul also used to meet Bolivia's family. 

The couple is blessed with two beautiful kids. They share a strong bond and connection. 

They have a family and are very much committed to each other. They share a healthy relationship, and their marriage is going great.

Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba.
Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba. Source: Instagram


His son Paul is 29 years old. He is 1.91m tall.

Net worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $125 million. He has managed to earn this hefty from his football career. 

Yeo Pogba with her son, Paul Pogba.
Yeo Pogba with her son, Paul Pogba. Source: Instagram

What Happened To Paul Louis Vuitton's Shoe?

When he was 18 or 19, he started earning and wanted to buy sneakers. He is a huge fan of sneakers. 

He loves collecting them and customising them. So he bought Louis Vuitton for him in red colour with some Swarovski crystal on it. 

Instead of buying a pair, he purchased two of them. He said it was so expensive that he kept him in his house without wearing it. 

It was like his prize possession. One day when he was on his bed he realized that he had spent a lot of money on them and hadn't worn them. 

So he decided to wear them. He wore that sneaker a lot. He went to some place for his game. 

Someone broke into his house, and they took nothing but his Louis Vuitton shoes. 

That hit him quite hard as it was his first luxurious shoe and meant a lot.

Why Did Mathias Pogba, Threaten Paul?

Paul has two brothers, Mathias and Florentin. All of them are professional footballers. 

They used to have a great bond, but things have turned out differently these days. 

Recently threatened his younger brother and said that the teammates, club, and fans need to know certain things about his brother. 

On his social media, he said he has some inside information about him and his teammate Kylian Mbappe. 

After that video went viral on social media, Paul's team said that Mathias was involved in a plot to blackmail the Juventus midfielder.

According to the report, Paul has reported his brother to the police. 

He said that Mathias is involved in a gang that has attempted to extort money from him in a blackmail plot. 

Paul has been threatened and intimidated by some men and his brother. 

Mathias would tell the world that Paul was into witchcraft and cast some spells on his teammate. 

Paul denied all those allegations, but Mathias strongly insisted that he was telling the truth. 

There is an assumption that Mathias envies his younger brother's success, so he is trying to hurt him to ruin his career. 

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