Yesi Frias – Tragedy Of Exequiel Palacios Wife

by Manisha Mon Mar 13 2023 Updated On Sat Mar 16 2024
Yesi Frias – Tragedy Of Exequiel Palacios Wife

Yesi Frias is the stunning estranged wife of Argentinian footballer Exequiel Palacios

Exequiel currently plays for Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen and the Argentina National Team

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Reason for their break up

Yesi and Exequiel began dating each other in 2019. They met each other when Exequile was playing for River Plate in 2018.

According to some sources, they eloped in 2021. However, they called it quits and separated in April 2023.

The problem in their relationship started after they moved to Germany. Yesi was not comfortable in Germany. 

She said the first three months were a very bad time, and she was crying all the time. 

She wanted to leave so bad that she would grab her suitcases and would go but again would stay and again go. 

This continued for a while. She said even he wanted her to leave. 

She further revealed what actually happened in Germany. She said they stayed in the hotel for three months. 

He didn't play at the time as he had a back injury. She used to cry alone all the time as she didn't want him to see her cry. 

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Yesi revealed the reason for the breakup. 

Replying to one of the questions from the fans, she said,

Because he showed me what he really is. I was with him in his worst moment, and he let go of my hand in mine.

When another fan asked her if the change in his behavior resulted from being the World Cup winner and that he believed it and forgot who he was? 

She responded by saying, You said it. 

When asked about his family, she said she didn't even want to answer any questions related to his family.

After their breakup, Exequiel stopped making payments for their home in Tigre as he was not sure if the apartment would be his or not after the divorce. 

So, Yesi has sold Exequiel's jersey, which he wore in Argentine's convincing victory over France, and also his World Cup medal to pay for her apartment

She is also threatening to expose the national team's secrets if he doesn't sign off the divorce papers. 

She said she just wants him to sign the divorce and is only asking him for what belongs to her, not even the marital assets he has in Germany

She also added that it is convenient for him that she remains silent as there are things she knows about the National Team that she didn't say. 

Yesi Frias with Exequiel Palacios.
Yesi Frias with Exequiel Palacios. Source: Pinterest

Is Exequiel a womanizer?

Before he started dating Yesi, Exequiel had dated many women. 

He was dating weathergirl Sol Perez, but when he was in a relationship with her, he was also dating singer, actress, and dancer Juliana Orellano

He was exposed in 2018. When both girls found out that he was two-timing at the same time, they broke up with him. 

But it didn’t end there as later it was disclosed that he had been in a relationship with a friend named Karen Gramajo for four years. 

All these women angrily talked about his disloyalty. 


Her estranged husband is 24 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 66kg.

Net worth

Her estranged husband's net worth is estimated to be 22.5 million euros. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional footballer.

Exequiel recalled winning the World Cup in 2022

Exequiel said that it was a big opportunity to represent his country in the World and win the FIFA World Cup

He said whenever he sees pictures of them celebrating, it makes him very happy. 

He said it was great journey as they won against tough teams and made it to the finals. 

He said it was the happiest moment for him to experience the journey toward their victory. 

He said it was his childhood dream to win the World Cup, and in 2022 he finally lived his dream on reality. 

He said he will never forget the moment when he first touched the Cup and kissed it. 

He said he got goosebumps when he held it for the first time. He said the trophy was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. 

He said he didn’t have words to describe how proud he was. He said it was a crazy experience when they flew back to their country with the trophy. 

He said they celebrated their victory with the fans. 

He said Argentinian people deserved the victory and said he was happy that they lived up to their expectations. 

Palacio talked about playing alongside Messi

Palacio made it to the Argentina national team in 2022, and Messi also played for his home country. 

Palacio said that it was a big moment for him to play alongside such a great player. He said Messi was a very humble person in real life. 

He added his commitment and dedication to winning the World Cup motivated everyone on the team. 

He said he was grateful for the opportunity to fulfill his dream alongside Messi.

Facts about Palacios

In 2015, Palacios played for the Under 17 Argentina national team and Under 20 in 2017. He joined the national team of Argentina in 2018

He was born in Famailla, Tucuman. He broke his spine in a World Cup qualifier match against Paraguay in 2020

Because of the injury, he was out of the pitch for three months.

He made his debut as a professional footballer for the club River Plate in 2015. His playing position is midfielder. He has a brother.

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