Yetunde Price – Tragedy Of Serena Williams And Venus Williams Half-Sister

by Manisha Sun Jul 23 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 17 2024
Yetunde Price – Tragedy Of Serena Williams And Venus Williams Half-Sister

Yetunde Price was the half-sister of professional tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams

She was a nurse by profession, and she was also a personal assistant to her sisters. She was also the owner of a beauty salon. She was born in Michigan in 1972

Her parents were Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed. She has two siblings and two half-sisters. 

Her father died in 1979, and her mother married Richard Williams

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Yetunde Price with her sister Serena Williams
Yetunde Price with her sister Serena Williams. Source: Pinterest

Was Yetunda married?

Venus was married to Byron Bobbit. They had two kids together. She also had a son from her previous relationship. 

In 1997, she filed for a divorce and filed a domestic violence case against her ex-husband. 

She stated that she was physically assaulted by him, and he threatened to kill her if she took their daughters away. 

With the support from her family she left him and started her business in Lakewood

Later, she met a guy named Rolland Wormley, and they dated each other. 


Yetunde Price was 36 years old when she took her last breath. 

Net worth

Her sister, Venus Williams's net worth is estimated to be $97 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as tennis player.

Yetunda was murdered in 2003. 

Yetunda was shot and killed in 2003. She was 31 years old at the time of her death. 

Yetunda was dating Rolland Wormley, whom she met five months ago at his birthday party. 

Rolland revealed that they talked and danced the whole night and ended up going to his brother's after-party. 

They spent the whole night together. Rolland took the relationship slow as he didn't want to hurt Yetunda's three children. 

He said to her that he didn't want to hurt her and be in kids' lives and end up breaking up. He was with her when she was shot. 

Rolland said that that night, they were supposed to go on a date, but he had forgotten about it, so Yetunda came to pick him up from his friend's place. 

She asked him to drive her car as she was drunk, so he drove his car. Since, Rolland didn't have a valid driving license, he took the side streets.

Just when they drove past the tennis court where her sisters once practiced, someone began firing at their car. 

He started driving as fast as possible. He pulled over the car and saw that the back window was shattered and didn't know where she got shot. 

He rushed to his mother's house and called 911. Yetunda was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Robert Maxfield was the one who killed her, and he was sentenced to 15 years in jail for the murder. 

Venus talked about losing her sister, Yetunda 

Venus said that it was not easy to cope with the tragic loss of someone who is family. 

She said her memories with her help her to be stronger. She said her late sister inspired her to help her community. 

Venus is proud of her father

Venus's father, Richard Williams, had big plans for Venus and her sister Serena.

He decided that he would make his kids tennis players before they were born. They used to play tennis for like four to five hours a day. 

Some people didn’t allow them to play on the court, and her father fought with them and broke his ribs and ten teeth. 

Venus made her debut as a tennis player at a very young age. Her father also taught her some life lessons. 

He taught them to be tough and rough. Venus won her first ever Wimbledon in 2000 and became the first ever black woman to win it. 

Her father was more excited than her, and he jumped over the NBC broadcasting booth and did a victory dance. 

Venus's father has received a lot of criticism over the years, and in her father's defense, Venus said that she was not embarrassed by her father and that his actions during her Wimbledon win were misinterpreted. 

He added she was proud of her dad and said she and her sister had understood his vision and dream for them since they were kids. 

Despite having many health issues, he is still seen in court training his daughter. In 2021, Venus posted a video of them practicing together. 

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