Who Is Yioda Panayiotou? Sister Of George Michael

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Who Is Yioda Panayiotou? Sister Of George Michael

Yioda Panayiotou is the sister of the late George Michael, an English singer, songwriter, and producer.

Her parents are Jack Panos and Lesley Angold Panayiotou.

Yioda Panayiotou's parents and late brother.
Yioda Panayiotou's parents and late brother. Source: Pinterest

The Controversial Death Of George 

George is a globally known musician. He gained fame in the 1980s as a part of the pop duo Wham! 

His solo career was also a massive success, with millions of records sold. Despite his public success, he faced personal challenges. 

In the 90s, he experienced the loss of his first love and his mother, leading to a difficult period. 

Legal troubles, including an arrest in 1998 that revealed his sexual orientation, further added to his difficulties. 

Although Michael had hardships, his family and friends want him to be remembered for his generosity and charity work. 

Before he died in 2016, he faced legal battles and jail time but was able to move past some of these challenges. 

His philosophy was focused on helping others, believing in making a positive impact rather than piling up excessive wealth.

Despite the difficulties, he left a legacy of talent and a caring heart. George's death in 2016 raised questions at first, and an autopsy was inconclusive. 

The police stated it was unexplained but not suspicious. Further tests revealed he died from natural causes, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy, which is a heart condition and fatty liver disease. 

These health issues led to heart failure. His boyfriend found him unconscious, and attempts to revive him failed. 

Rumors were about drugs or suicide, but the official cause was underlying health problems. 

His family declined to comment on rumors, and it was confirmed he died naturally due to heart-related issues. 

Yioda Panayiotou's brother, George Michael.
Yioda Panayiotou's brother, George Michael. Source: Pinterest


Yioda is 63 years old.

Net Worth

As an American singer and songwriter, Yioda's brother George's net worth was about 200 million dollars at his death.

George Reflected On His Depression And Guilt

In 2004, George talked openly about his struggles with depression after his mother’s death. 

While preparing to release a most excellent hits album, he revealed that media attention on his arrest had masked his deep sadness. 

Making music helped him cope at first, but once the project ended, grief overwhelmed him. 

He was unable to write music and fell into a cycle of depression and guilt. 

He got support from his partner Kenny G, and his sister brought comfort, but he now wishes he took more time to grieve before returning to work. 

Despite his past challenges, he felt stronger and happier. Reflecting on his career, he had no regrets for standing up against his record company. 

He also discusses political changes, his views on the Iraq war, and the importance of staying informed, expressing hope for the future despite the world’s challenges. 

He discussed his musical career, the impact of revelations about his sexuality, and the death of his partner, Anselmo.

He believed these incidents improved his relationships with his audience and allowed him to speak more freely. 

He also talked about his emotional growth and relationship with Kenny G.

He was grateful for those who helped him. He shared stories about collaborating with Kenny G, including arguments over album picture choices. 

George Struggled While Coming Out As Gay

George shared a personal story about his uncle Colin, who tragically took his own life within 24 hrs of Michael's birth. 

Colin was gay and sensitive. He faced depression in the 1960s when being openly gay was difficult.  

George learned this from his mother at 17, using it as courage to embrace his sexuality. 

He later wrote a song about Colin. He initially kept it from his family, but eventually, he shared it. 

He reflects on his mother’s possible fears about his sexuality when he was younger and understands it now. 

George was hesitant to come out as gay due to fears of his parent’s reaction and societal consequences. 

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