Who Is Yong Suk Yoo ? Husband Of Kim Joo-ryoung

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Who Is Yong Suk Yoo ? Husband Of Kim Joo-ryoung

Yong Suk Yoo is the husband of a South Korean actress Kim Joo-ryoung

He has a daughter named Katherine Hayoung with his wife, Kim. He belongs to a theatre background. 

He is a professor by his profession. Yong is South Korean

Yong Suk Yoo's wife Kim Joo-ryoung and daughter Katherine Hayoung
Yong Suk Yoo's wife Kim Joo-ryoung and daughter Katherine Hayoung Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Kim 

Kim is currently a married woman. She is married to Yong Suk Yoo. They happily tied the knot back in 2010

She met her husband while she was acting in a theatre play. Kim's husband, Yong, is two years younger than her. 

Talking about their kids, the couple has an adorable daughter named Katherine

Kim and Yong are both happy together in their married, and they have completed more than a decade as husband and wife.

Yong Suk Yoo with his wife Kim Joo-ryoung and daughter Katherine Hayoung
Yong Suk Yoo with his wife Kim Joo-ryoung and daughter Katherine Hayoung Source: Instagram


Kim is 45 years old

Net Worth 

His wife's Kim net worth is $5 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Got Famous Because Of A Series 

Kim is well known for her appearance in the famous Netflix series Squid Game

She came to the spotlight after her character in that series. 

Before this, she had played many other roles in many shows, and she had been appreciated for her work. 

But sadly, her works didn't make her that popular. 

Her popularity and fan following drastically increased after her character role in that series. 

Even her Instagram followers increased just in few days after her appearance in that series. 

Squid Game was a big breakthrough for her, making her more famous than before.

Sorry For Her Character 

Kim was seen playing the role of Han Mi-nyeo in the Netflix series. 

In one of the interviews, she opened up about feeling sorry about her character. 

She said that her character was completely different, and she had to work hard on her character. 

She described her character as a dynamic character, and she also opened up that she felt bad for her character, Mi-nyeo

Her character was loud and rude and kept talking for a long time. 

She explained that her character Mi-nyeo was like that because she tried to hide her pain from other people. 

She tried her best to play that character and felt the real desperation feeling of Mi-nyeo

That is why she felt sorry for her character. 

Started Acting As A Theatre Actress

Kim is well known in the South Korean acting industry. 

As an actress, she started her acting journey as a theatre actress a year after winning a beauty pageant in 1999.

Before her starring role in Squid Game, she was seen in many shows, and there she played the supporting role. 

Since she began her career in theatre, she has been very good at acting, and many people praise her acting skills. 

She has worked in theatre dramas and has also won many achievements for her performance in theatre roles. 

She has worked for a long time in theatres before moving to screenplays. 

Didn't Audition For Squid Game

Kim gained huge popularity because of her role in Squid Game

But the interesting fact about her playing Squid Game was she was approached by the director himself. 

Kim didn't give any audition for the character of Han Mi-nyeo

She opened up that she had already worked with the director Hwang Dong-Hyuk in the movies Silenced and Collectors, and while working with him, the director got really impressed by Kim's acting and asked Kim if she had any shows or movies scheduled for 2020

In 2020, the director approached her for the role of Han Mi-nyeo, and she was very grateful to the director as he gave her such a great opportunity that turned her whole career. 

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