Who Is Yulanda Wilkins? Sister Of Tyler Perry

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Yulanda Wilkins is Tyler Perry's sister, an American actor and filmmaker. Yulanda is an American.

Tyler is famous for creating the character Madea. Yulanda’s parents are Emmitt Perry. Sr and Willie Maxine Perry and she has three siblings named Emmbre Perry, Tyler Perry, and Melva Porter. 

Her mother passed away in 2009.

Yulanda has black hair and dark brown eyes. She is inactive on social media and prefers a private and low-key lifestyle. 

Yulanda Wilkins's brother, Tyler Perry.
Yulanda Wilkins's brother, Tyler Perry. Source: Instagram

About Her Brother

Tyler is not married. He has a son named Aman with his ex-partner Gelila Bekele. Tyler announced his angle status in 2020.

He bought and later sold a large estate in Atlanta. In 2013, his company purchased a significant amount of land in Georgia.

Tyler Is Making A Thrilling New Legal Drama

Tyler is making a new legal drama on Netflix called Mea Culpa. He was excited, allowing Kelly Rowland to show her acting skills. 

The cast includes Trevante Rhodes, Sean Sagar, Nick Sagar, and Ron Reaco Lee

Tyler wants to take the audience on a surprising and thrilling journey with unexpected twists. 

Tyler praised Kelly Rowland’s beauty and her on-screen chemistry with Trevante Rhodes, saying it would be a shock and an enjoyable thrill for the viewers. 

Kelly is a Grammy winner. He has been in films before, but this is her first time working with Tyler.

The story is about a defense attorney, played by Kelly Rowland, who takes on a challenging case defending an artist accused of murder.

Tyler is friends with Janet Jackson, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. Tyler is a Christian, and his work often reflects themes and behaviors from black church culture. 

Age And Net Worth

Her brother Tyler is 54 years old. His net worth is 1 billion dollars.

His Mother inspires Tyler's Legendary Character, Medea

Tyler discussed his connection to his legendary character Medea and how his mother inspired it. 

Tyler explained that Medea was not originally intended to be a significant character. 

Still, after a successful weekend performance, the theatre was filled with audiences who resonated with her wisdom, love, and correction. 

Tyler played an essential role in his life and inspired the title of his documentary Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.

He shared that he did not have a close relationship with his Mother while growing up, but he felt proud to share her story with the world. 

Tyler reflected on the power of carrying one’s legacy and using personal experiences to inspire and teach others. Tyler talks about his complicated relationship with his mom and how she still inspires him and his son. 

He is thankful for a documentary that shows who his mom was. Tyler has had to accept his dad for who he is and focus on his family’s happiness. 

His mom’s laughter inspired a lot of his comedy, and she left a significant impact on him. 

Tyler also wants to help young talent from communities of color through his studios in Atlanta, hoping to make a real difference in the entertainment world. 

Tyler, known for ownership and bringing more diversity into film production, is recommended for naming opportunities after people of color, which is rare in the industry.

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