Yusef Rasheed- Tragedy Of Oracene Price Late Husband

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Yusef Rasheed- Tragedy Of Oracene Price Late Husband

Yusef Rasheed is the late husband of American tennis coach Oracene Price. He had three children with Oracene.

He died in 1979 due to a heart stroke. He was an American citizen by his nationality. 

Yusef Rasheed with his wife and children.
Yusef Rasheed with his wife and children. Source: Pinterest

About Yusef's Ex-Wife Oracene 

Oracene is an American tennis coach known for being the mother of Venus and Serena Williams. 

Oracene was also the coach of Serena and Venus. Oracene is famous because of her daughter, one of the best tennis players. 

Oracene was born in Saginaw, Michigan, which makes her an American citizen by her nationality. 

Married Life Of Oracene 

Oracene is currently unmarried and single but has been married two times in her life. 

She was married for the first time to Yusef Rasheed. They got married back in 1972 and had three children together. 

Their oldest daughter's name is Yetunde Price, but she is no more as she was murdered. 

Their second daughter's name is Lyndrea Price, and their third daughter's name is Isha.

Oracene and Yusef were married for only five years, and in 1979, Yusef died. The couple was together till the death of Yusef.

After her first husband's death, Oracene moved on and got married to Richard Williams. They married in 1980. 

They have two daughters, Venus and Serena, together. Sadly her second marriage also didn't last long, as Richard was abusive to her. 

They divorced in 2002. 

Oracene Price with her ex-husband, Richard Williams.
Oracene Price with her ex-husband, Richard Williams. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Oracene is 70 years old. She has a net worth of $1.5 Million

Death Of His First Daughter

Yusef’s daughter Yetunde was in SUV with her boyfriend, Rolland Wormley, in 2003.

They were having their moments when she was shot by a gangster named Robert Edward Maxfield

The date was the 14th of September, a dark day for the family. 

Yetunde was taken to a nearby relative’s house by her boyfriend, who called 911. 

The emergency arrived quickly, and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors tried their best, but they couldn’t save Yetunde

She was stated dead in the hospital. Police also couldn’t catch the criminal who killed her. 

There was a suspect who was caught by police but later was bailed because of his clear proof. 

Yusef Had A Heart Stroke

Yusef married the famous Tennis coach Oracene in the year 1972. In the same year, they gave birth to their first child, Yetunde

They had a great life together as they were a complete family with three daughters.

But in 1979, the marriage between these two souls was broken. 

They didn’t leave each other with their will, but a heart stroke killed Yusef, and he died, leaving his daughters and wife. 

Oracene found love after the death of her husband and married that man.

Yusef Rasheed's wife, Oracene Price.
Yusef Rasheed's wife, Oracene Price. Source: Hollywood Life

Oracene Kept Silence Suffering Domestic Abuse

Oracene and her ex-husband Richard divorced in 2002, while they could have been separated way before that. 

Oracene never told anyone about the domestic violence she had been through, and no one knew what was happening to her until she was admitted to a hospital in West Palm beach in 1999

She was reported with several injuries and three broken ribs. 

While treating her, the nurses there realized it was a beating injury; they immediately called the police. 

But when police arrived, Oracene denied that she was beaten. Richard rejected the accusation and said she was injured because of jet skiing. 

But later, Oracene revealed that she never did jet skiing. 

Moreover, she also revealed that she was terrified that it might affect her daughter's career if she confronted the truth.

Oracene Was A True Coach And Trainer

When it comes to the success of her daughters Venus and Serena in Tennis, their dad's name is always upfront as he was a professional tennis coach. 

Oracene was always a second person in the view of media and people. But the fact is that Oracene is the actual coach of her daughters. 

She revealed that she was the person that learned all the rules and regulations of the game and taught her daughters. 

She did everything possible mentally and physically to stay with them. 

About their dad Richard, Oracene revealed that he only gave a few tips and tricks to Venus and Serena while Oracene set up everything.

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