Who Is Yvonne Blind? Mother Of Daley Blind

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Who Is Yvonne Blind? Mother Of Daley Blind

Yvonne Blind is the mother of Dutch professional football player Daley Blind.

She is married to her husband, Danny Blind. Yvonne and Danny have three children together. 

She is currently living with her husband in Diemen, Netherlands. She is a Dutch citizen.

Yvonne Blind with her husband, Danny Blind.
Yvonne Blind with her husband, Danny Blind. Source: LifeBogger

Marriage And Children

Yvonne is married to her husband, Danny Blind, a former football player, and a coach

They are parents to three children a son named Daley and two daughters called Frenkie and Zola Blind.

Yvonne Blind's husband, son and grandson.
Yvonne Blind's husband, son and grandson. Source: Instagram

About Yvonne's Son Daley 

Daley is a professional footballer who currently plays for Eredivisie club Ajax and the national team of the Netherlands

He was born in the year 1990 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Who Is Daley Married?

Daley is married to his wife, Candy-Rae Fleur. He met his love of life in 2013, and knowing each other; they started dating. 

They dated for seven years straight and then got married in 2020. As of 2022, the couple is the parents of two children, a son, Lowen Dace Blind, and a daughter, Lemae Lourdes Fiore.

Daley Blind with his wife, Candy-Rae Fleur.
Daley Blind with his wife, Candy-Rae Fleur. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The actual age and net worth of Yvonne are unknown. 

Her son Daley is currently 32 years old and has a net worth of $1.5 Million

Yvonne Was Involved In Drink And Drive Accident

Yvonne and her husband Danny were on the street in their car in 2006, and Danny was driving the vehicle. 

Danny was in the consumption of alcohol, and he still insisted on driving the car. 

Yvonne also thought that her husband would safely drive her to the destination.  

But an unfortunate accident occurred as they collapsed with another car suddenly. 

They didn’t get seriously injured, but the person in the opposite car was seriously injured. 

She was rushed into the hospital immediately. Yvonne’s husband later said it was his real mistake, and he was ashamed. 

Daley Refuses To Play In Euros

Daley was playing for his national team Netherlands in the Euro 2020 competition. 

They were up against Ukraine in one of the games. As a brilliant player, Daley was in the team's starting lineup. 

But he refused to start or even play in the game against Ukraine. The truth behind this decision was an emotional one. 

His old teammate from Ajax and one of his closest friends, Christian Erikson, had a cardiac arrest in the middle of the match playing for Denmark

Daley was a heart patient, so that he couldn’t see his friend in pain. He was so scared and emotional that he couldn’t play the match. 

Although he didn’t appear in the match, his team won the match with a lead of 1 goal.

The 2021 Season Was Over For Daley

Daley played in the World Cup qualifier matches during the international break in 2021

He was one of the valuable players for his team, but his ankle injury became a problem for the team. 

He had a ruptured ligament in his left ankle that would take a bit longer to heal. 

He revealed that, looking at his injury, he would not be able to play the rest of the 2021 season. 

Hopefully, he was motivated to go to a rehabilitation center for his quick recovery. 

He said that if he works hard and tries his best to recover fast, he will be available for his country’s matches in the Euro and World Cup

However, his team Ajax had a bit of a problem due to his absence from the team.

Daley Convinced Rashford To Stay At Manchester United

As the summer transfer was near, Manchester United player Rashford was one of the most targeted players in the World. 

He is a great talent, but his unconvincing performance in United in the previous season was getting into Rashford’s mind. 

He was not being able to score and was given less chance. Hence he talked to Daley about it. 

But Daley suggested staying in United because of the new manager Erik

Daley convinced Rashford that Erik was a great coach and Rashford would shine if he worked with the manager. 

His suggestion was listened to by the attacker as he was still in the red jersey.

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