Who is Yvonne Connolly? Ex-Wife Of Ronan Keating

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Who is Yvonne Connolly? Ex-Wife Of Ronan Keating

Yvonne Connolly is the ex-wife of well-known singer Ronan Keating

She used to be a model and TV presenter. Her parents are Michael Connolly and Ann Connolly.

Yvonne Connolly with her mother Ann Connolly
Yvonne Connolly with her mother, Ann Connolly. Source: Instagram

Reason Behind Yvonne's Broken Marriage

Yvonne was cheated on by her husband, Ronan. They were married for 12 years. 

They were blessed with three children, Missy Keating, Ali Keating and Jack Keating, and everything was going well between the two. 

They planned to move to their dream house, but things did not go as planned. 

She suspected something was wrong in her marriage. 

She became a detective all by herself and found out the matter. 

She got hold of Ronan's phone bills where there was a call from a number that she did not recognize. 

She called the number and knew the number owner's name through the answering machine. 

The person was a girl who was a dancer and had an affair with her husband for seven months. 

He broke off with that girl to be with her and apologized for his mistake. 

But she was not ready to reconcile, and no matter how hard Ronan tried to save the marriage, the couple parted their ways in 2012

Ronan Keating with his children
Ronan Keating with his children Source: Instagram

Is Yvonne Dating Anyone?

After parting ways with Ronan, she found her life partner. She is in a relationship with John Conroy.

She met him on the set of a movie named Dark Touch. 

Her daughter was cast for the movie, and she fell for him, who was a cinematographer of that movie. 

They got to know each other during the shooting of the movie. 

During the pandemic, she had an accident and had scars on her face, but John was her strength at that time. 

Yvonne Connolly with her partner John Conroy
Yvonne Connolly with her partner John Conroy Source: Instagram


Her ex-husband Ronan is 45 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband's net worth is estimated to be $30 million

He has managed to earn this fortune from a successful career as a solo artist, musician and songwriter.

Yvonne Connolly with her three kids
Yvonne Connolly with her three kids Source: Instagram

Participated In Celebrity MasterChef Ireland

Yvonne appeared in MasterChef Ireland in 2013

She spoke about her experience and journey in that competition in an interview. 

She said she used to cook before, but she found cooking very therapeutic two years back and wanted to learn more about cooking. 

When MasterChef came along, it was a great opportunity for her to learn more. 

Still, she shared that she could have been well prepared if she had got six months or a year to learn the skill as her style was home cooking, while on the other hand, MasterChef was sophisticated, elegant and gourmet. 

She could not turn down the opportunity, so she went for it. 

She learned a lot from the mentor, and she had a great time learning. She talked about her biggest competitor. 

She embraced that she got to learn and improve her skill rather than winning or competing.

Did A Charity Horse Racing

There was a charity to raise money for an injured jockey. 

The woman associated with the charity called her up and asked her to do a charity race. 

Yvonne had gone into horse racing recently at that time, but she grew up riding horses. 

It was a great initiative and cause, so she was up for it. 

But she was a little nervous as she had not been in the saddle for 25 years. 

She wanted to try next year as she was not ready, but she asked her family what she should do. 

All her family encouraged her to go for the race. So she trained hard and signed up for the charity race.

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