Who Is Zaira Nucci? Girlfriend Of Khaby Lame

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Who Is Zaira Nucci? Girlfriend Of Khaby Lame

Zaira Nucci is a social media personality and influencer. She is mostly known to the public as the girlfriend of Khaby Lame. 

Her boyfriend is a content creator on Tiktok. She is Italian by nationality.

Zaira Nucci's boyfriend Khaby Lame
Zaira Nucci's boyfriend, Khaby Lame. Source: Instagram

Is Zaira Still Dating Khaby?

Zaira has been in a relationship with Khaby for quite some time. 

Khaby made their relationship official in April 2021 by sharing pictures of them smiling at the camera. 

Their chemistry can be seen through their photos. 

They probably met each other through social media. He replied to her story and started taking from then. 

He asked her for a date, and they went to McDonald's. They have a very sweet and simple love story. 

They have seen each other since 2020. Zaira doesn't care about his Tiktok fame

She loves his simplicity. 

Zaira Nucci with her boyfriend Khaby Lame
Zaira Nucci with her boyfriend, Khaby Lame Source: Instagram


Zaira is 19 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. He weighs around 50 kg.

Net Worth

Zaira has a net worth of 50k.

Her primary source of income is from her Tiktok, where she makes hilarious pranks and reaction videos. 

She also does brand promotions and advertisements.

However, her boyfriend has a whopping $13 million net worth. 

Khaby Is The Charlie Chaplin Of Tiktok

In February 2021, Khaby posted the following clip about dealing with a troublesome phone.

The post quickly gained over 4.6 million likes and 29 thousand comments.

A few days after that, he got millions of followers.

His popularity online exploded everywhere thanks to a large part to a simple formula of creating content without uttering a word. 

In most of his clips, Khaby reacts ironically to internet tutorials that have exaggerated and complicated methods for things that really should be simpler. 

An example of this is one of his most popular videos, in which he shows the simplest to peel a banana. 

He is Mr. Bean of Tiktok. He makes people laugh with his simpler reaction. 

He does not speak as there is a clever reason behind it. 

He does not say a single word to open up his content to a worldwide market. 

His reactions and facial expressions are universal. 

People love the content he gives the camera at the end of nearly every video. 

This technique is largely why he is in the top 100 performers on Tiktok. 

Even if he doesn't speak their language, the entire world can understand him. 

How Did Khaby Got Into Tiktok

Khaby was enjoying his normal life in Italy

But when the pandemic hit the nation, things slowed down a lot. 

He found himself dealing with an immense amount of boredom while sticking to his country's strict social distancing measures. 

Looking for something fun to do to keep himself busy, he turned his attention toward Tiktok.

In 2020, he opened his profile because he didn't know what to do when locked at home during the lockdown.

The rest is history after that. On March 15th of the same year, he uploaded his first Tiktok

He was sanitizing his hands in that video, and that video was not a massive success. 

After being active on Tiktok for a year, he had around 1 million followers

He kept posting videos until his technique of reacting without uttering a word got viral worldwide.

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