Who Is Zane Phillips Parents And Girlfriend?

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Who Is Zane Phillips Parents And Girlfriend?

Zane Phillips is an actor and model. He was born in Denver, Colorado, and lived there with his parents, but he moved to Texas during middle high school and got into community theatre. 

Now, he lives in New York. He was in the fourth season of the television series Legacies

He appeared in the film Fire Island in 2022. He is a part of the upcoming Netflix drama series Glamorous.

Zane Phillips with his late father.
Zane Phillips with his late father. Source: Instagram

Does Zane Have A Girlfriend?

In 2014, Zane said that he was gay through his Twitter handle. He has always been proud of his decision to come out in front of everyone. 

He is a full supporter of the LGBTQ community. He was in a relationship with Zach Houghton

They were dating back in 2017 but parted ways after some time. Now, Zane is not seeing anyone and doesn't have a boyfriend.

Handsome Zane Phillips.
Handsome Zane Phillips. Source: Instagram


Zane is 29 years old

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $100k to $1 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Zane Talked About Playing Antagonist In Fire Island

Zane was part of the 2022 romantic comedy movie Fire Island

He said that it was his first work post-pandemic, so it was very depressing for him at first, but later he enjoyed doing it. 

He said he loved playing the role of villain. He mentioned that he used to do theatre in the past and loved giving the edge to his characters. 

Zane Talked About Sharing Screen With Kim Cattrall

Zane is playing the role of Kim Cattrall's son in the upcoming Netflix series Glamorous

He said she had been in the industry for so long, and when he shared the same room with her, he felt secure and comfortable. 

He said he looked up to her and wanted a career like hers. 

Phillips Talked About How He Got Into Arts

Phillips said that when he was in school, he was figuring out whether football was his passion. 

His sister was always into arts, and his sister put her foot in the arts field. He said he was in the same community theatre. 

He thought it would be fun to be part of shows during summer. At that time, he never imagined it to be his career. 

He shared that when he was in his junior year of high school, the community theatre had a musical adaptation of something, and he was part of it. 

When he was doing that show, it created a feeling inside him of which he was unaware. 

He wanted to chase that feeling and create a sense in others. It was evident in his head that he was going to act. 

He revealed after that, he and his mother looked for good schools in music and arts. 

He said his parents had been his biggest supporter as they allowed him to pursue what he wanted to do in his life. 

Zane Talked About Playing Straight And Gay On Screen

Zane said that he had played a lot of straight characters, and he was always concerned about if he was convincing enough or not while cast opposite to a girl. 

He said he felt safe when he played the role of a gay guy in the show Fire Island. 

He said he loved being surrounded by his fellow queer cast member. 

He mentioned when he went to set. He realized that his gayness wouldn’t hinder any character he played. He felt perfect about it. 

He said he loved exploring different parts of his character in various ways.

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