Zelma Atwood- Tragedy Of Otis Redding Wife

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Zelma Atwood- Tragedy Of Otis Redding Wife

Zelma Atwood is the wife of late American singer and songwriter Otis Redding. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Marriage And Children

Zelma married her late husband, Otis, a long time ago. 

She fell in love with Otis when she was a teenager, and in 1961, at a very young age, they tied the knot. 

She shared four children with him: Ottis Redding III, Dexter Redding, Karla Redding, and Demetria Redding

Sadly, their marriage ended in 1967 after Otis died in a plane crash. 

Zelma Atwood's late husband, Otis Redding.
Zelma Atwood's late husband, Otis Redding. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Zelma is  80 years old

Her net worth is unknown. However, her late husband, Ottis, had a net worth of $10 Million. 

Raising Kids After Husband’s Death

Zelma and her late husband shared four kids. They had a small and happy family. 

Sadly, her husband passed away in a plane crash that changed everything for Zelma

She had to raise all her four kids by herself. She struggled a lot, but somehow, she managed everything. 

She taught her children to appreciate her dad and made sure that their children knew that their father died doing the thing he loved most. 

She made them accept Otis’s death and didn’t let their father’s death affect their childhood and their life in any way and gave them a good life. 

Otis's Career Never Affected Their Relationship

Zelma has opened up about her relationship with Otis in an interview. 

She talked about how they never let anything come between them in their relationship. 

Zelma was young when she fell for Otis, and she has loved him till today. 

She had supported Otis throughout his career, too. 

At the beginning of his career, Otis spent most of his time working and going on tour, and despite his busy schedule, it never affected the love that they had between them. 

Otis always took time from his busy schedule to call Zelma

When they first started dating, they had to be at a long distance for nine months. 

She always appreciated and loved him and his work, no matter the situation. 

Zelma Lost Her Husband

Zelma’s husband Otis was one of the famous singers in the 60s

He was part of the band The Bar-Kay and had a successful career. 

Sadly, his career and life were not long, as the singer died at the age of 26 in a plane crash. 

Otis and his other band members headed to Cleveland for their appearance in the TV show Upbeat

After their performance in the TV show, they performed in the bar, and the very next day, the band members flew to Wisconsin for their other performance. 

The weather was terrible, and they were advised not to fly. 

But the band members denied the suggestion and flew to Wisconsin, and just four miles away, the plane crashed in Lake Monona. 

Only one band member was able to survive the crash. 

It was a very tragic death of famous band members.

Zelma Always Loved Otis

Zelma and Otis's married life was too short because of Otis’s untimely death.  

The couple shared a deep love and connection, and because of the love, Zelma never got remarried. 

After Otis’s death, she never dated anyone and has lived a single life for over five decades. 

Zelma still lives in the house that Otis bought in 1965

She even has an empty tomb graved next to her husband in the graveyard, which can be seen from the house where she is currently living. 

Zelma loved Otis before his death and will always love him even though he is not with her. 

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