Who Is Zoe Jane Lewis? Daughter Of Aaron Lewi

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Zoe Jane Lewis is the daughter of Aaron Lewis, an American singer. Her mother's name is Vanessa Lewis.

She has two siblings, Indie Shay Lewis and Nyla Rae Lewis.

Parents of Zoe Jane Lewis.
Parents of Zoe Jane Lewis. Source: Facebook

Made Father Proud

Aaron released his album Sinner, which has 11 songs, including his duet with Willie Nelson

But the standout is a song that his daughter Zoe sang when she was 13. 

She did a fantastic job on the song Travelin' Soldier, even though she was a bit nervous. 

Aaron is proud of his daughter’s singing. 

He mentioned that she sang the song three times and did it perfectly, even though it was her first time singing in front of people who made her nervous. 

He believes that the song his daughter sang could become the most popular from the album. 

Zoe Jane Lewis with her father.
Zoe Jane Lewis with her father. Source: YouTube

Aaron Got Upset Over The Audience 

Aaron is the lead singer of Staind. He had a solo acoustic concert in Oklahoma City

He got upset because the audience was too loud, and couldn’t hear himself playing the guitar. 

He told the crowd to be quiet, but they kept talking. 

He tried to play the Intro, a Thank You song, but he found it ironic that he couldn’t get the crowd to be quiet during a song about gratitude. 

It is not ironic, and it is more of a coincidence. This isn’t the first time this happened during the same song. 

Zoe Jane Lewis's father, Aaron Lewis.
Zoe Jane Lewis's father, Aaron Lewis. Source: Facebook

Aaron And His Band Bassist Mike Mushok Met At Christmas Party

Aaron talked about their return with new music. They wanted to keep their sound but not make it a throwback. 

They created songs using digital files and machines. Aaron shared the untold story of Staind

He met the band’s bassist, Mike Mushok, at a Christmas party and reconnected later. 

At a jewelry store, Mike’s roommate and girlfriend attacked Aaron with a candle. 

Aaron and Mike wrote their first song together. He had a passion for music from a young age because his dad played music. 

He loved country music, which influenced his work in that genre. He admired Jelly Roll Morton, another country artist

Lewis talked about the challenges of being a touring musician but expressed his deep love for music. 

Aaron also shared a story about Staind’s first big break when Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit watched their set and offered them a record deal. 


Zoe was born on April 5, 2002. She is 21 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth 

As an American singer, her father Aaron's net worth is about $6 million.

Aaron Talked About The Music Industry 

Before Staind’s success, Aaron loved rock music and was influenced by bands like Mud Shuffle and Loveline

He dreamed of being a rock star. He mentioned how Staind’s first single, It's Been Awhile, became a big hit and changed his life. 

He also talked about the dark side of fame in the music industry, including loneliness, losing friends, and turning to drugs and alcohol. 

He discussed his relationship with Chester Bennington from Linkin Park

He said he is lucky to have naturally vocal solid cords, which he thinks is because of his Jewish heritage

He advises treating people well even when life is hard. Aaron talked about the tricky music industry and how it can be political. 

He has a daughter named Zoe, whom he wasn’t very involved with but is working on a new country-style album. 

He values his past songs but looks forward to his solo career.

Staind struggled with record labels, and their first single wasn’t expected to be a hit. They felt pressure to create great music.

Aaron also talked about their worst-selling album, Wannabe, and how it almost led to a band member quitting. 

He sees life’s challenges as roadblocks or forest fires.

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