Zsanet Nemeth - Meet Mother Of Dominik Szoboszlai

by sabina Thu Apr 11 2024 Updated On Sun Apr 14 2024
Zsanet Nemeth - Meet Mother Of Dominik Szoboszlai

Zsanet Nemeth is famous as a celebrity mother. 

She is the mother of a Hungarian-born professional footballer, Dominik Szoboszlai, who is a midfielder at Liverpool and captains the Hungary national team.

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Her husband is a former player

Zsanet is married to her husband, Zsolt Szoboszlai. They married on the 22nd of April, 2000, and have been together since then. 

He is a former player and played in the lower league of Austria. Zsanet and her husband gave birth to Dominik at a young age. 

She was just 21, while her husband was 25. Dominic has a cute little younger sister born in 2016.

Zsanet Nemeth with her beloved husband Zsolt Szoboszlai
Zsanet Nemeth with her beloved husband Zsolt Szoboszlai. Source: Facebook 
Zsanet Nemeth is the mother of two kids, son Dominik, and a daughter
Zsanet Nemeth is the mother of two kids, son Dominik, and a daughter. Source: Facebook 


She was born in 1979. She is currently 44 years old.

Net Worth 

Her son, Dominik, is the most expensive Hungarian player in the history. According to the sources, his reported price is €20 million.

His net worth is estimated to be around 5 million pounds.

She hardly got to spend time with her son while he was growing up

Zsanet has been a supportive wife and a mother. 

In an interview with Athletic, Dominik said that as a child, when 90 percent of people grow up with their mother almost always around them, with him, it was his dad whom he considers the greatest influence in his life. 

He would just see his mother in the morning when she would make breakfast and in the evening when he would return home after training. 

Then he would go to sleep. It was an everyday schedule.

Dominik credited his father for helping him achieve the impossible

Dominik credits his father for his success who was his first coach and whose immense support helped him join Liverpool and become the captain of the national team. 

In an interview, Dominik expressed that when he started, he and his father had a plan. 

He put, and his father put him on the highest level that he should play. 

According to him, his father would pick him up after school and was his coach from three until seven every day. 

His father was always harder on him than others, and when other parents would ask why he was hard, then he would always tell them that it would pay off in the end. 

As he said, the hard work paid off, and Dominik understood why his father was like that. 

"In the end, now I am a Liverpool player and national team captain, so, yeah, it almost went that we planned the impossible, and I made it possible," he said.

Dominik practiced with golf balls in his childhood

Dominik started playing football at the age of three. 

Since his father was his first coach, his father would train him with golf balls to ensure techniques of winning back possession cleanly. 

During an interview with Athletic, Dominik said that his father wanted to make sure he grew up without the habit of wanting to grab the shirt if someone went past that would give away fouls, so he would put golf balls in every player's hands. 

"If you have that, then you can't grab anyone," he explained. 

His father's technique also involved slaloming with a ball between plastic water bottles positioned across the room. 

They would practice inside the house because they had no garden. "If the water was still in the bottles, it was easier to dribble past them. 

But if there wasn't any in, it was a lot harder. My dad would pour the water out almost every single time", he told Athletic

He could only go until none of them fell.

Who is her son currently dating?

Her son is currently dating a former tennis professional, Fanni Gecsek. Fanni is from Budapest now working as a model. 

According to the sources, they first met in 2020 and have been dating since then.

Zsanet Nemeth son Dominik Szoboszlai with his girlfriend Fanni Gecsek
Zsanet Nemeth son Dominik Szoboszlai with his girlfriend Fanni Gecsek. Source: Instagram
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