Who Is Adenike Saka ? Mother Of Bukayo Saka

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Who Is Adenike Saka ? Mother Of Bukayo Saka

Adenika Saka is the mother of Nigerian footballer Bukayo Saka who currently plays as a winger, right back, and midfielder for Arsenal and the national team of England. 

She is married to Yomi Saka. She and her husband are from Nigeria, but they immigrated to England to start a new life and give a better future for their unborn child. 

The two shares two kids altogether, Abayomi Saka and Bukayo.

Children of Adenika Saka.
Children of Adenika Saka. Source: Facebook

Is Bukayo Dating Anyone?

Bukayo is in a relationship with Tolami Benson. They have been dating each other since 2020

They have kept their romantic affair far away from the spotlight. It is obvious that they had been dating each other secretly though they have not confirmed their relationship publicly. 

They don't even share each other pictures on their social media.

Adenike Saka's son Bukayo Saka.
Adenike Saka's son Bukayo Saka. Source: Instagram


Her son Bukayo is 21 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Bukayo's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Bukayo Was Always An Arsenal Boy

Bukayo joined Arsenal's Hale End academy when he was seven years old.

He said that when Arsenal scouted him, he was clear that it was the one and the best choice for him. 

He said that when the scouts from the club came to talk with his parents and gave them the club card and badge, his father handed them to him.

He revealed that he held that card for a few days as he couldn't believe that the club he used to watch on TV approached him. 

He said it was an extraordinary moment for him, and he was excited to join the club. 

Bukayo Played For England National Team At 19

England reached the final of the European championships, which was the biggest moment for all the British footballers and fans. 

Bukayo was playing in the final game. He was chosen to go for the last kick at the penalty shootout. 

It was a very pressurizing moment for him. If he had missed that shot, then England would lose the final. 

It was a lot for a 19-year-old boy to take that pressure. Everyone was hopeful that he would score a goal, but the goalkeeper saved it, and they lost the final. 

It broke his heart, and he cried right after that miss. Bukayo had to face a lot of racial abuse after that game. 

Things That Bukayo Can't Live Without

The first thing he showed was his iPad and iPhone. 

He said when he is traveling somewhere, he likes to watch something on Netflix on his iPad and talk to people on the phone and be active on social media. 

He loves music, so he has a portable speaker that was gifted to him. He said he loves Afro Beats

He said he loves to listen to music while showering and attending a match. 

He loves chocolate bars. He loves to eat Twix every time before the game, even though he had to follow a strict diet.

He loves playing FIFA against his boys, so he had his controller. 

The most obvious thing he can’t live without is football. He said he couldn’t live without his football. 

He s Bible every night before going reads to bed as he is very religious.

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