Who Is Yomi Saka? Father Of Bukayo Saka

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Yomi Saka is the father of English professional footballer Bukayo Saka

He is married to his wife, Adenike Saka. He has two sons named Bukayo and Abayomi Saka with his wife.  

He belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group. He is a Nigerian citizen. 

Yomi Saka's wife.
Yomi Saka's wife. Source: Opera News

Who Is Yomi's Son Bukayo Dating?

Bukayo is dating Tolami Benson

They haven't opened up much about their relationship, but according to sources, they started dating in 2020.

They have never shared photos of themselves on social media nor shared any information about their love life in public. 

Bukayo Saka's girlfriend Tolami Benson.
Bukayo Saka's girlfriend Tolami Benson. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Yomi are unknown. However, his son Bukayo who is currently 21 years old, has a net worth of $2.5 Million.

Yomi Saka's son Bukayo Saka.
Yomi Saka's son Bukayo Saka. Source: Instagram

Yomi Built Bukayo To Man He Is Today

Yomi moved to England with his family for a better life.

Yomi’s son Bukayo was interested in football as a child, and Yomi knew there was a scope for football in the country. 

So he always supported his son. Not just he help his son, but he became the biggest inspiration for his son. 

Yomi always took him to play football and ensured he was the best at what he did. 

Yomi kept Bukayo a down-to-earth person and never let him lose his focus. 

It was because of Yomi’s guidance that the winger got selected for the Arsenal academy.

After that, there was no looking back for the player. With his growth, his family standard also grew. Yomi is a proud father.

Yomi Is Not an Arsenal Fan

Yomi’s son Bukayo plays for Arsenal FC. Arsenal hence has been the reason for Bukayo’s successful life and career.

Still, Yomi is a die heart fan of New Castle United and is loyal to the club. 

When Bukayo was still a child, Yomi and his family lived near Newcastle FC, and they always visited the stadium to watch the club match. 

Yomi was a big fan of Newcastle United FC’s player Alan Shearer and always took Bukayo to look at how he played. 

But as they moved near Arsenal, Bukayo ended up joining Arsenal academy and playing for the team.

Bukayo's Injury Kept The Club And English Team At Risk

Bukayo has been one of the leading players at Arsenal FC and England's national team

His presence is something that can make a great difference in any game. 

Yet, the player was injured in the Premier League match against Nottingham

In the opening 30 minutes, the winger fell off due to a tackle and shouted full of pain. 

The medical team rushed to treat him, but he couldn’t continue the other match. 

The team won with a significant lead, but Bukayo was a great loss. 

As the World Cup was near, the national team was very concerned about the player. 

Fortunately, the manager revealed that the player walked out of the stadium later without support, so he was said to be fine after a few days' rest.

Bukayo Chose England Over Nigeria

Bukayo’s parents are initially from Nigeria, but Bukayo was born in England

So legally, he can play for either side. But since Bukaya was born and raised in England, he chose to play for the English team.

He states that he loves Nigeria as much as he loves England

Although he never grew up in Nigeria, his parents have always told him about the country and set the nationality up on them. 

But as Bukayo is not familiar with the Nigerian style of play and people around the country, he was a bit uncomfortable for him to choose the country. 

But for England, he knows everything about it and is way too comfortable to play for the country.

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