Who Is Alabama Luella Barker? Daughter Of Travis Barker

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Who Is Alabama Luella Barker? Daughter Of Travis Barker

Alabama Luella Barker is the daughter of famous American musician Travis Barker. 

Her mother’s name is Shanna Moakler, a model and an actress. She has a younger brother Landon Asher Barker and a half-sister Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya.

Her paternal grand parents are Randy Barker and Gloria Barker.

She is an American citizen

Alabama Luella Barker's  mother Shanna Moakler
Alabama Luella Barker's  mother Shanna Maokler Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life 

Travis had been married three times. At first, Travis tied his knot with Melissa Kennedy

The couple stayed as husband and wife for only nine months, and after that, they ended their relationship. 

He then got married to Moakler in the year 2004

They were parents of two kids, a son, and a daughter. 

They stayed together for two years, and after that, they got divorced.

Travis currently got married to Kourtney Kardashian in April 2022.

It is known that the couple started dating in 2020, but they kept their private until 2021

They officially opened up about their dating in 2021 and also got engaged in that same year. 

Alabama Luella Barker's father Travis Barker with his current wife Kourtney Kardashian
Alabama Luella Barker's father Travis Barker with his current wife Kourtney Kardashian Source: Instagram


Alabama is currently 16 years old and has her birthday on December 24

Net Worth 

The net worth of Travis is $50 Million. His source of income comes as being a musician

Alabama Luella Barker with her father Travis Barker
Alabama Luella Barker with her father Travis Barker  Source: Instagram

Suffered From Throat Infection

Travis opened up in a talk show about his head and neck infection.

He revealed that he had to go under surgery after that infection. At first, he didn’t know what happened to him. 

He was feeling very unusual in his throat as if he had a lump inside his throat. 

He then inserted his finger into his throat to check if there was any lump over there. 

After that, he got a bad infection in his throat, and because of that infection, he was not able to swallow anything from his throat.

In that interview, Dr. Brain Weeks who is an Ear, Nose and Throat physician, was also there, and he helped Travis deal with that problem, and he was the one who performed surgery on him. 

He said that Travis had Barrett's Esophagus. Travis had a real difficult time because of that infection. 

Hatred Towards Flying 

Back in 2009, Travis caught himself in a deadly plane crash, which nearly took his life. 

He opened up that it was one of the most terrifying incidents in his life. 

He opened up that when he was returning from South Caroline to his home. 

On that day, before getting on the flight, he felt bad vibes. 

He knew something was going to happen at that time, so he called his dad and told him that he was getting bad vibes and told his dad to take care of his children if something bad happens to him. 

He opened up that his plane’s landing gear popped while it was about to take off. 

His whole plane was burnt down, and his whole body was burnt. That incident made him scared of flying. 

Travis Enjoys His Relationship With Kourtney

Travis and his current wife, Kourtney, both were previously married. 

Travis has two children, whereas Kourtney has three children with ex-partners. 

Travis said that he had dated many girls in the past, but it was really hard to keep his relationship with them because they don’t have children, and he has to give them a lot of attention. 

But in the case of Kourtney, she is already a mom of three children, so she knows how it likes to be a single parent. 

He calls Kourtney a great mom and thinks that their relationship is great. 

She doesn’t ask Travis to meet her daily, and he enjoys missing people instead of meeting them on daily basis. 

Their understanding makes their relationship work in a proper way. 

The Story Behind Travis’s Tattoo

Travis has his whole body covered in Tattoos. He has tattoos all over his body except on his graph. 

He opened up that when he tried to make a tattoo on his graph, it hurt him really badly, and he was not able to take the pain. 

He thought that his graph needs more time, so he thought of making a tattoo over there after some time. 

He has his daughter's names in his hand, and also, he has a symbol of Chevy with a rose. 

He opened that the tattoo’s meaning is motivated. 

He also has some religious tattoos and memorials for his mom. 

He has many tattoos, and every tattoo has its hidden meaning. 

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