Melissa Kennedy- Truth About Travis Barker Ex-Wife

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Melissa Kennedy- Truth About Travis Barker Ex-Wife

Melissa Kennedy is the ex-wife of  Travis Barker, the great drummer from the 90s punk rock band Blink 182.

More about Melissa

Melissa was born on July 27, 1982, and her birth sign is Leo. She seems to be a private person. 

Before getting into the relationship with the Blink 182 member, her childhood and early life have not been disclosed. 

She also did not appear much in the events with the drummer during their relationship. She was the kind of woman that Travis wanted. 

She does not have any social media account. She might be operating her social media platform anonymously. 

She has also kept her details like education, job, and profession to herself. Due to her less presence on social media, her current life has been unknown to the public. 

Married to Rock Star

Melissa was married to the legendary drummer on September 22, 2001. She is the first wife of Travis Barker.

Travis  was born to Randy Barker and Gloria Barker.

The background of the pair has not been revealed. To this date, fans are unknown about how they met. 

They come from different backgrounds, and the public was shocked about how they managed to fall in love.

Despite having and sharing all those differences, the couples were in a loving relationship. However, their marriage did not last long. 

They had a huge wedding, but their divorce was private. Not much information is known about their divorce. 

The reason for their separation has still been unknown to this date. The couples legally separated on August 6, 2002. 

Their marriage did not even last a year. Although they did not last long, the pair were extremely close during their short time of relationship. 

They never had kids together.

Melissa Kennedy with her ex-husband
Melissa Kennedy with her ex-husband  Source: Pinterest

Later, Travis got married to a model, television personality, and first runner up of Miss USA 1995, Shanna Lynn Moakler, just after a year of his first divorce. 

They also have two kids named Landon Asher Barker, born on October 9, 2003, and named Alabama Luella Barker, who was born on December 24, 2005

In the year 2008, the couples separated on good terms ending their marriage. 

Currently, he is dating Kourtney Kardashian, a television personality and a model.

Melissa Kennedy ex-husband Travis Barker 
Melissa Kennedy ex-husband Travis Barker   Source: Instagram

Melissa has also appeared in the 1999s Blink 182 documentaries titled The Urethra Chronicles and its follow up in 2002

Travis has mentioned that they had a beautiful time together, even though it was for a short time. 

He said she was highly supportive of him and did not hold any grudge against her. 

The ex-couples have moved on with different people now and are entirely in other places. 

Is Melissa in a relationship now?

Melissa started living life out of the public eye after the divorce from the huge rock star. 

She did not indulge in dating publically. According to various sources, she was married this year 2021

The marriage was held privately, and her husband's identity and various other details are yet to know. 

Sources also claimed that she celebrated her thirty-eighth birthday with her husband and friends in July 2020. 

Debate on Twitter About Band Name

Travis Barker gave an interview in The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2021 during the quarantine. 

The interview was taken online alongside singer Machine Gun Kelly. They both were launching a new album, and they talked about how they worked on the album. 

They said they worked 20 hours a day when they were locked up in their studio together in the first quarantine. 

Travis was asked about his days during quarantine. He revealed that he was having fun because of quarantine.

He said that the reason for the fun was he had no distraction. He was all locked up as everyone, and in this meantime, he focused on music without being distracted by anything. 

In addition, he was with his family in his home. So it was a fun time for him as he got to spend a lot of time together with his family. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Travis also talked about how they first met. Machine Gun Kelly described that Travis called him to the studio as Travis had an ear to listen to a great talent. 

They smoked some stuff, and they became close afterward. They revealed that they had been friends for more than ten years

They also have been working together and helping each other out since then. At the interview, Twitter debated about pronouncing Travis Barker's band name Blink 182 was also covered. 

People in America call it Blink one eight two whereas people in the United Kingdom and Europe call it Blink one eighty-two. 

The show's host showed his support on the name Blink one eight two.

On the other hand, Machine Gun Kelly pronounced it as Blink hundred and eighty-two

Travis concluded the debate saying it would never end, and he was good with every name fans called.

Girlfriend’s ex jealous of Travis 

Travis is currently in high profile relationship with Kourtney Kardashain. The couple started dating each in 2021 and has remained very public about them dating. Before getting into relationship Travis girlfriend Kourtney was married to Scott Disick. They had three children together. After some years of their marriage they divorced. Scott and  Kourtney has moved in their life after their divorce and currently Kourtney is with Travis. The relationship between Travis and Kourtney is getting serious day by day and the couple has shared a lot of romantic pictures of them in social media. They have been spending a lot of time together and because of that Scott is getting jealous of their relationship. At first Scott told tha he had no problem with Kourtney moving on in her life and he also gave her blessing for her new life. Scott told that he wants to see Kourtney and that's all but as Travis and Kourtney’s dating life is sparkling day by day it has become hard for Scott to digest. Kourtney and Travis photo of them being intimated with each other was in internet and after seeing that photo Scott tried to troll Kourtney and for that he sent the screenshot to Kourtney one of the ex but he showed no interest in it. Scott also told that Kourtney and Travis should stop posting their intimate photos in the internet as Kourtney and Scott’s children are growing up and they could get bad influence from it. Scott is completely showing her jealousy in their relationship but Travis is not bothered by it. He is happy with his relationship with Kourtney. However her girlfriend Kourtney is kind of upset with her ex husband behavior but she is showing any response to him stuffs.

Net Worth

The net worth of Melissa is unknown. Her ex-husband's net worth is given below:

Net WorthSources
$50 million Drummer, record producer, songwriter 

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She is thirty-nine years old as of 2021.
  2. Her height is five feet eight inches tall.
  3. Her weight is sixty-three kilograms.
  4. Her nationality is American.
  5. Her distinctive features include her beautiful eyes and fair skin.
  6. She has brown colored hair.

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