Who Is Alain Griezmann? Father Of Antoine Griezmann

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Who Is Alain Griezmann? Father Of Antoine Griezmann

Alain Griezmann is the father of Antoine Griezmann. His son is a professional football player who plays for La Liga club Atletico Madrid.

He is married to Isabelle Griezmann. He used to be a town councillor.

Alain Griezmann with his partner. Source: Instagram

Is Antoine Married?

Antoine is happily married to Erika Choperena. His wife is a child psychologist and was a blogger in her early days. 

They tied a knot in 2017. Their marriage was a very secret affair. They have been dating each other since 2011

In an autobiography, he shared that he made the first move. 

He went after her, and she finally agreed to go out with him. They were blessed with their first child in 2016.

They have known each other for more than a decade. They share a strong bond, and she is a very supportive wife. 

She is always rooting for her husband. The couple is now proud parents to their three kids. 

Antoine Griezmann with his wife, Erika Choperena.
Antoine Griezmann with his wife, Erika Choperena. Source: Instagram


His son Antoine is 31 years old. He is 1.73m tall.

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $60 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional football player.

Alain Griezmann with his wife, Isabelle Griezmann and son, Antoine Griezmann.
Alain Griezmann with his wife, Isabelle Griezmann and son, Antoine Griezmann. Source: Instagram

Why Antoine Always Wears Long-Sleeved Jersey?

Antoine always wears full sleeves jerseys and never leaves his forearms uncovered. 

From the club where he started playing to the national team and his current club, he is always in full sleeve jersey. 

He has his clothing style, and it makes him stand out from others.

It's not a coincidence that he always ends up wearing full sleeves; there is a reason behind it. 

The reason is that he is a massive fan of David Beckham. David is his biggest inspiration. 

He chose to wear full sleeves just because of him. Also, he chose the number seven because David also had the same number on his jersey. 

He is a fan of David's style and said he was always well dressed, whether off the pitch. 

David was so well groomed, so Antoine was impressed, and he tried to be like him. 

His style so influenced him that once, he had the same haircut as David. David has also appreciated his looks and style. 

On pitch only, he loves Beckham's clothing style, but outside pitch, he is a big NBA fan and loves streetwear. 

Is Griezmann Overrated Player?

Football fans criticized him after he said he was eating at the same table as Ronaldo and Messi. 

But Antoine is an underrated player rather than overrated. Antione was the star when France won the World Cup in 2018. 

Many players showed marvellous performances, but without Griezmann, France certainly wouldn’t have been able to win the World Cup. 

His excellent football IQ, composure, and defence led the team to victory. 

During the summer of 2018, he was captain of the France national team. He gave his teammates a lot of tactical advice off the field.  

He used to give a lot of recommendations to them in the locker room. 

Lucas Hernandez, the best left-back in the world cup, almost didn’t play for France's national team.

Spain had shown an interest in Lucas, so he was lost and didn’t know what to do. 

It was Antoine who convinced him to play for the French national team. Lucas is glad that Antione helped him to find himself. 

Antoine, who has a great sense of tactical ideas and is a great leader and teammate, is probably more underrated than overrated. 

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