Who Is Erika Choperena? Wife Of Antoine Griezmann

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Who Is Erika Choperena? Wife Of Antoine Griezmann

Erika Choperena is the wife of Antoine Griezmann

Her husband is a professional football player who plays for La Liga club Atletico Madrid and is also on the French national team. 

She is a child psychologist by profession. 

Antoine was born to parents Isabelle Griezmann and Alain Griezmann.

Erika Choperena with her husband, Antoine Griezmann.
Erika Choperena with her husband, Antoine Griezmann. Source: Instagram

Her Married life

Erika is happily married to Antoine. They met each other in San Sebastian, where they studied together. 

They got to know each other during that course of time. Antoine was playing striker for Real Sociedad when they were getting along. 

They started dating each other and fell in love with each other. 

Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann.
Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann. Source: Instagram

They dated for six years and finally exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife in 2017. 

Their wedding was very private. Their close family and friends only attended their wedding. 

She has been by her husband's side from the beginning. She is a very supportive wife. 

She is seen cheering for her husband in some of his games. The couple is blessed with three kids. 

Erika Choperena's children.
Erika Choperena's children. Source: Instagram


Erika is 31 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 54 kg. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $750,000. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a child psychologist. 

However, her husband has a whopping $60 million net worth

He has earned this massive net worth from his career as a professional football player. 

Erika Choperena's husband, Antoine Griezmann.
Erika Choperena's husband, Antoine Griezmann. Source: Instagram

What Makes Antoine One Of The Best Strikers In The World?

He said in his football career, he had a lot of difficult times and had to go through many hardships, but he kept his mental health strong and fought hard till the end and achieved his dream of becoming a professional player. 

He added that the hardship he had gone through during his childhood pushed him to do his best, and it helped him on the pitch. 

Also works very hard and enjoys football. He said he trains hard with his friends on the pitch, but off pitch, he spends time with them and has fun too. 

He says when he is not on the pitch, he is a completely different person as he likes to have loads of fun which keeps him in a better state and helps him to be at the top of his game. 

He has three ethics for his success: hard work, perseverance, and enjoyment while playing.  

An Inspiring Journey Of Antoine From Nothing To Atletico Madrid

Antoine started playing when he was just six years old. He had always dreamt of becoming a professional football player right from the beginning. 

Antoine had great skill and ball control, but the one thing that caused him a lot of problems was his height. 

Many training centres refused to train him, saying he was too short.

He got rejected by many French teams, saying that his physique was too scrawny. He had a tough time. 

The rejection hit him hard, and he was shattered that he would not achieve his dream of becoming a professional player. 

He said he used to cry before making it to the team. During his training session, he caught the attention of the Real Sociedad recruiter. 

He was offered to go to Spain with him. He accepted the offer and went to Spain, leaving his family and friends behind. 

Antoine worked hard and improved his skills. He was very determined to pursue his dream.

Finally, he achieved his dream, which started with Real Sociedad, then joined the French national team and transferred to Atletico Madrid.

After that, there is no looking back from him. He has scored goals for his team and won many titles and awards. 

Today he is one of the best players in the world.

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