Who Is Alejandra Gomez? Mother Of Becky G

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Who Is Alejandra Gomez? Mother Of Becky G

Alejandra Gomez is the mother of American singer and actress Becky G.  She is an American citizen.

Alejandra Gomez with her husband, Frank Gomez.
Alejandra Gomez with her husband, Frank Gomez. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Alejandra is the wife of Frank Gomez. She has four children, two sons and two daughters, with her husband. 

Her sons’ names are Frankie and Alex, and her daughters' names are Stephanie and Becky

She met her husband when she was a teenager, and they have been together since 1996.

Alejandra has one stepdaughter named Amber. In 2017, her daughter Becky opened up about her half-sister Amber through her social media. 

Alejandra’s husband had a relationship with another woman, so he welcomed two children. Frankie, with Alejandra and Amber, with another woman in the same year.

Family of Alejandra Gomez.
Family of Alejandra Gomez. Source: Instagram

About Alejandra's Daughter Becky 

Becky is a well-known singer and actress. She is famous for her song titled Sin Pijama

Becky's real name is Rebecca Marie Gomez

Her parents raised her with her three siblings in Inglewood, US

Becky is not married yet, but she is now engaged. She is engaged to her fiance Sebastian Lletget, an American soccer player. 

They got engaged on December 9, 2022Becky and Sebastian have been in a relationship since 2016. 

Becky with her fiance, Sebastian Lletget.
Becky with her fiance, Sebastian Lletget. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Alejandra are unknown. Her daughter Becky is 25 years old and has a net worth of $7 Million. 

An Inspiration To Her Daughter

Alejandra's daughter Becky is not a new name in the entertainment industry. 

Her daughter has won the hearts of many people through her singing, and she is also very famous for her styling. 

According to Alejandra's daughter Becky, Alejandra is the style icon Becky follows. 

Becky opened up that Alejandra has a great fashion sense, and she used her mom's fashion sense in her album Esquemas.

Alejandra's fashion sense amazes Becky, and she is now trying to indulge in her mom's high school fashion. 

Alejandra loves wearing oversize bottoms with tight tops, which is her go-to look, so her daughter Becky copied her exact look. 

When Alejandra was in high school, she used to make an impression with her curly hair and baggy jeans. 

Because of Alejandra's incredible fashion sense, she is her daughter's first style icon. 

Alejandra's Husband Lost His Job

Alejandra and her husband Francisco were living in Inglewood with their children. 

When her daughter Becky was nine years old, her husband lost his job, which made them lose their house. 

As her father didn't have money, they had to shift into her grandparents' garage. She and her family faced a lot of trouble. 

Moving to the garage was worth it as her daughter Becky got to start her new career in music.

She is now a proud mother, and they all have stable life.

Fans Abused Becky

Becky was in Mexico for a concert in 2017. She was an opening guest for the famous girl band, Fifth Harmony.

After the concert, the singer peacefully headed toward her hotel when a group of Mexican fans approached her. 

Despite her bodyguards being there for her protection and backing off her fans. 

Those people hurried and moved to Becky. In that process, she also got hurt. 

Becky was stunned by the incident that happened to her, so she posted a video of her. 

She was crying and explaining everything that had happened and requested fans not to behave with celebrities like that. 

She also revealed that she is very prone to anxiety and asked people to respect the bodyguards.

Fitness Helped Becky With Anxiety

Becky has been in the singing industry for a very long time now. She started working when she was nine years old

As her family condition was not good, she was forced to work in her childhood, so she is very familiar with the pressure of being in the entertainment industry. 

She worked hard and struggled a lot to reach where she is now. Becky has been very vocal about mental health and frequently talks about it. 

Becky has been dealing with anxiety and depression for a long time, and she feels it’s the most fundamental thing. 

In the past, she felt tough talking about those two things. 

She opened up that she has her way of coping with those things, and fitness has helped her overcome her anxiety. 

Expect that she dances and sings to help her with her problems. 

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