Who Is Frank Gomez? Father Of Becky G

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Who Is Frank Gomez? Father Of Becky G

Frank Gomez is the father of actress, singer, and rapper Becky G. He holds a Mexican heritage as his parents were Mexican immigrants

Frank currently resides in the US. His wife is Alexandra Gomez. The couple shares four kids altogether.

Family of Frank Gomez.
Family of Frank Gomez. Source: Instagram

Talked About Being Dad For The First Time

Frank said that when they were expecting their first baby, he had a small hope that it would be a boy. 

But it didn’t matter after Becky was born because it was a very special moment for him as he became a dad for the first time. 

He joked that when the doctors gave her to him, he felt like it was football and handed it over to them. 

Frank Gomez's children.
Frank Gomez's children. Source: Instagram

He said that his daughter used to dance and smile always. When Becky was growing up, her parents were struggling financially. 

They used to live in a garage. But Frank was the pillar of the family. He worked hard to give everything he could for his children. 

He was not only a father to her but also her biggest fan and best friend. 

Becky used to share everything with her dad. He said that his daughter taught him to have patience in life. 


His daughter Becky is 25 years old

Net worth

His daughter Becky's net worth is estimated to be $7 million

Frank Gomez's wife and daughter.
Frank Gomez's wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Becky Dating Anyone?

Becky is in a relationship with professional footballer Sebastian Lletget. They have been dating each other since 2016. 

They met each other through one of their mutual friends. They got clicked instantly after their first meeting and started dating each other. 

Despite being busy with their work, they managed to take time for each other, and their relationship became stronger. 

She used to attend some of his matches to support her boyfriend despite her busy and hectic schedule. 

They made an effort and balanced their personal and professional life perfectly. 

After dating for many years, they got engaged in 2022. They are all set to get married soon. 

Becky G with her fiance, Sebastian Lletget.
Becky G with her fiance, Sebastian Lletget. Source: Instagram

Becky Talked About How She Met Sebastian

Becky met Sebastian in 2016 when she was 19 years old. She said that her friend set her up to meet him. 

She was working on a film then and met her friend, who set her up with Sebastian while shooting for that movie. 

Sebastian was her friend's husband's friend. Her friend suggested that they should meet and see how it would go. 

At that time, Becky was single, doing a movie, and enjoying her own company, so she didn’t want to date anyone. 

Her friend didn't tell her what Sebastian actually does. She used to have some chit-chat about him. 

One day when they went out shopping, she insisted on showing a picture of him. 

After that, they met, became friends, and eventually began dating each other. 

Becky Talked About Marriage

Becky said her mother insisted on getting married, but she will get married when she feels like doing it. 

She said that the concept of marriage today differs from what it used to be earlier. 

She said one gets married if they want to but not because they have to. 

She also added that she would never get married under someone's advice and pressure. 

She mentioned that she had seen a lot of people being sad in their married life. 

She revealed that she couldn’t promise everything to him as no one knew what might happen in the future and if she could keep that promise she made to him. 

She said that they have a strong bond and partnership, and that's what matters to her. 

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