Who Is Alex Lee? Ex-Boyfriend Of Liz Cambage

by Manisha Sat Apr 01 2023 Updated On Wed Apr 05 2023

Alex Lee is an ex-boyfriend of basketball player Liz Cambage who currently plays for the Maccabi Ashdod of the Israeli Female Basketball Premier League

Alex is a football player. Liz dated him in her early 20s. They dated on and off again, but in 2014 they finally ended their relationship. 

Liz had a knee injury then, and that incident opened her eyes regarding who was there for her at her lowest. 

She indirectly hinted at Alex and clarified that she didn’t have a boyfriend and Alex was not in her life anymore. 

Is Liz Dating Anyone?

At the moment, Liz is not dating anyone. But in 2021, there was a rumor that she was in a romantic relationship with Canadian singer Drake. 

Drake shared an image hugging Liz on his Instagram, captioning My mini-me. In 2018 Drake even referenced Liz in Travis Scott's song. 

The two have a great friendship. But, unfortunately, they never confirmed their relationship, and it was just a rumor. 

Alex Lee's ex-girlfriend, Liz Cambage.
Alex Lee's ex-girlfriend, Liz Cambage. Source: Instagram


His ex-girlfriend Liz is 31 years old. 

Net Worth

His ex-girlfriend Liz's net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Liz Apologized To Sparks About Her Departure From The Team

Before 2022, Sparks signed a one-year contract with Liz. She apologized to her team for her sudden departure. 

She said that it was an honor playing for Sparks with the fantastic ladies. However, she added she wished things would have ended differently. 

She announced that she was getting her hands off the league for now. 

She has not revealed why she decided to leave the team but wrote on her Instagram that she would focus on herself and her personal growth. 

Liz Talked About Being Different

Liz said that while growing up, she also thought she was adopted as white parents raised her. 

She used to look at photos of her with her parents and ask her parents if they had adopted her. 

She added when she was in Grade 2 or 3, she dressed up as Snow White for her school. 

Her mother asked her if she was sure to dress up as Snow White, but Liz decided to dress as Snow White. 

She said she didn’t care about her skin color until she moved to America

She said she understood her black heritage and culture when she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma

She added that she never knew about her heritage and race while growing up. 

Things Liz Can’t Live Without

The most obvious thing that Liz can’t live without is her basketball. She said she had her basketball since she was fifteen. 

She added basketball is her therapy. 

Liz started following spiritual paths. She likes to keep negative energy far from her. 

She found that Palo Santo works for her as it helps her to cleanse herself from negativity. 

She has a signature ring with her logo on it. The ring is very special to her because her grandmother gifted it. 

She said she had inherited a lot of jewelry from her mother and grandmother. 

She is obsessed with her lips and loves her big lips. So she likes to keep them moisturized with her Dior lip gloss. 

In addition, she likes to chew gum while training. 

Liz is also a DJ and loves music, so she must have her headphones. 

She keeps a disposable camera with her as she loves to capture moments. Lastly, she can't live without her Yeezy slides.

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