Who Is Alexis Keene? Mother Of Mimi Keene

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Who Is Alexis Keene? Mother Of Mimi Keene

Alexis Keene is the mother of Sex Education famed British actress Mimi Keene

Her husband's name is Hassan Saeed.

Alexis Keene's daughter Mimi Keene and husband Hassan Saeed
Alexis Keene's daughter Mimi Keene and husband Hassan Saeed Source: Pinterest

Is Alexi’s Daughter Mimi Married?

Mimi does not have a boyfriend right now.

She enjoys partying with her friends in lavish restaurants. 

She only posts about her traveling to many places and enjoying her life. 

Alexis Keene's daughter Mimi Keene
Alexis Keene's daughter Mimi Keene. Source: Instagram

Was Mimi Dating Asa Butterfield?

Butterfield is her co-star in the Netflix show Sex Education. 

They were an onscreen couple, and fans just loved their chemistry in that show. 

Back in 2021, there was much speculation about them dating each other as fans noticed that something was cooking between the two. 

They used to comment on and flirt with each other through social media. 

There were rumors everywhere that they had off-screen romance. 

Mimi changed her profile picture with the same background where Butterfield had taken his photos. 

Was that a coincidence, or were they hiding something? 


Mimi is 24 years old

Net Worth

Mimi's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. 

This young actress has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career. 

Mimi Talks About The Untouchables

Mimi is considered the queen of The Untouchables in the show ‘Sex Education.’

She plays the character of Ruby in the show, and her group is very popular in school. 

Mimi and her costar Rahim were giving an interview for the BTS of season 3. 

Mimi confessed that she loved to play a b*tch as it was a fun character to play. 

She also showed her the famous The Untouchables bench. She talked about the scene which she shot on that bench. 

When the interviewer asked about what was so great about the bench in that school, she replied everybody could see them, and they did not sit there to see others. 

They were the most popular group in school, and everyone had noticed them, and Ruby loved the attention and being famous in the school.

Who Is Mimi’s Favorite Character From The Show Sex Education?

In an interview, when she was asked about who was her favorite character in the show. 

Mimi confessed that she loves Mr. Hendricks character. Mr. Hendricks is a music teacher in the show and puts a masterclass every time. 

Even her co-star Anwar said that Mr. Hendricks is also his favorite character. 

They were curious about why his character was not so popular among the audience. 

Mimi said that she was just impressed by his personality and appearance. 

Even if he is not speaking in the show, she loves Mr. Hendricks character.

Interesting Facts About Mimi

Mimi played the character of Cindy Williams in East Enders. She has a cute little dog. 

Mimi enjoyed playing a troubled teen in EastEnders as the role was fun to play. 

She studied at The Italia Conti academy in London for five years. 

She got two nominations for best young performance and best young actor in the British Soap award. 

Mimi is a very private person and likes to keep her life low-key. 

Her co-star from Sex Education is very close to her. 

She has a good friendship with her co-star even outside the show.

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