Hassan Saeed

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Hassan Saeed

Hassan Saeed is the father of famous English actress Mimi Keene. Hassan is married to Alexis Keene

Hassan and Alexis have a daughter. Hassan was born in England. His nationality is British

Relationship Status Of Mimi Keene 

Mimi is currently found to be single

She mostly likes to keep her personal life private and has not revealed much about her past relationships. 

She maintains a gap between her professional and private life and keeps her matters away from the spotlight. 

As of now, she is mostly focused on her career and achieving much more success for herself through her work. She is working hard for it.

Mimi posing with a pumpkin
Mimi posing with a pumpkin  Source: Instagram 

About Daughter Mimi Keene 

Mimi is a famous English actress who was born on 5 August 1998. Her father and mother raised her in Hertfordshire, England

She was always interested in acting and entertaining. 

Hence she was a part of the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts for almost five years. 

She was always up for acting in stages from her childhood. She then chose to be an actress professionally and worked in many series and films. 

She has played in the series East Enders and Casualty. Mimi was underrated until she worked in the famous series “Sex Education.” 

She gained name and fame for herself by her brilliant work in that series. 

She made people appreciate her from her work and natural acting skill. 

Mimi with her pets
Mimi with her pets  Source: Instagram


Mimi is 23 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Mimi is $2.5 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Mimi Belongs From A Theater Background

Mimi is one of the talented artists in the acting industry. 

She fits in any role she is given and always provides justice to the character. 

She was always a bright actor from her childhood, but her talent refined in the theater. 

She joined Royal Court Theater in 2010 as a child actor. 

She did well in her starting days and continued to provide her brilliant work on the field. She joined The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. 

She proved her brilliancy through her many role, and one that surpasses all is the character “Ruby” which she played in Sex Education.

Mimi Always Support Her Friends

Mimi is now one of the rising stars. She was doing well in her past projects but could not get the spotlight that she deserved. 

After being cast in the series “Sex Education,” her life changed drastically. 

She gained a lot of popularity and fame and still is in the spotlight. 

Many celebrities forget their friends and close once and ignore them after fame. But for Mimi, it was never like that. 

After gaining fame, she had a very busy lifestyle, but she still manages time for her friends. 

She loves hanging out with her friends and always puts them on top of her priority list. 

She hangs out with her friends but also supports and helps them when they need her. 

Even though she is at the height of success, she has not forgotten who she was and who was with her in every moment of her life. 

Mimi Wants To Keep Her Private Life Away From The Spotlight

Mimi is one of the most followed actresses in the current time. Many of her fans want to know about her and her lifestyle. 

She has done brilliant work in her recent series “Sex Education.” Hence, she has a very big fan following. 

Everybody wants to know about her, but Mimi wants to keep her life private. 

She might be popular, but she knows all the problems and criticism that comes with fame. 

She hence stayed away from media and other stuff to expose less of her private life. 

Even if she is giving an interview, she tries to stick to the point and not reveal too much about her private life.

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