Alhadji Sy

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 Alhadji Sy with his father Omar Sy
 Alhadji Sy with his father Omar Sy  Source: Instagram

Alhadji Sy is the son of a famous actor and a Comedian Omar Sy.


Alhadji Sy's grandfather and grandmother immigrated from West Africa to France

Alhadji's father, Omar Sy, and mother Helene Sy got married on July 5, 2007. The couple shares a strong bond with their family.

Alhadji has three sisters and one brother named 

Alhadji Sy mother Helene Sy and father Omar Sy with big sister Selly Sy
Alhadji Sy mother Helene Sy and father Omar Sy with big sister Selly Sy. Source: Instagram 

About father, Omar Sy 

Omar was born on July 20, 1978, in Trappe's, France. He is the fourth child out of the eight children in the Sy family. 

His parents immigrated from West Africa to France. Omar Sy's mother is originally from Mauritius, where his father is from Senegal.

He is also a father of five children and a devoted husband. 

Father's Career

After finishing high school, he started his comedy career in 1996 by teaming up with Fred Testot.

He also appeared in different TV shows and then created his show called " Le Visiophon.

He also appeared in the show Fort Boyard in 2006, which was a television game.

He traveled to Los Angeles to lend his voice to zip in the French version of Tomb Raider Legend's video game

In 2011 he played a role in a film named The Intouchables. More than 19 million tickets were sold. 

The Intouchables became a big hit.

The film "The Intouchables" also topped the French box office in 2011, which became the best-selling French film of all time at the French box office.

He won Globe de Cristal for the Best Actor in 2012 and the Cesar Award for the Best Actor in 2012 for his role in the same film, "The Intouchables." He was so praised for his role.

In 2021 he played a main role in the Netflix hit series "Lupin." Lupin also became a big hit.

He is also recognized for his role in movies like Jurassic World, X-Men Days of future past, and Transformers: The last Knight.

Married to Helene 

He married Helene on July 5, 2007

Alhadji Sy parents Omar Sy and Helene Sy
Alhadji Sy parents Omar Sy and Helene Sy  Source: Instagram 

Helene and Omar were close before they were married.

Helene loves helping people. She formed an organization that held hospitalized children in which she is the founder also.

The couple has five children. Three daughters Amani-Nour Sy, Selly Sy, and Sabah Sy, and two sons Alhadji Sy and Tidiane Sy.
Even after many years of marriage, We can see them posting pictures on Instagram thanking each other for being for each other in any time of need.

Out of Spotlight 

The couples keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Their children's information has also been hidden from any social media site.

We can only see daughter Selly Sy active on social media sites, maybe because she is 19 and can handle the media. 

All the other children cannot be found on any social media. Even their photos and date of birth are hidden. 

Their parents also hide their pictures while sharing them on social media.

Net worth and earnings 

Alhadji is much smaller to be considered to have a net worth.  But the net worth of his famous dad is structured below: 

 Alhadji Sy Omar Sy (Father)
Net worth Unknown$5 million 
Income source's UnknownActor, comedian 

Age, height, and weight 

1. His age is not mentioned officially. But according to sources, his age is 10.
2. He follows his Muslim father's religion.

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