Who Is Helene Sy ? Wife Of Omar Sy

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Who Is Helene Sy ? Wife Of Omar Sy

Helene Sy is the wife of French actor Omar Sy. Helene is an associative investment expert and the founder of Siyah Organics

She has five kids with her husband, Omar. She is currently living with her husband and children in Los Angeles

She is a French citizen.

Helene Sy with her parents and husband
Helene Sy with her parents and husband Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Omar is currently married to Helene. The couple tied their knot back in 2007

They had their wedding ceremony in Tremblay-Sur- Mauldre in France

Omar and Helene are parents to five children, and they are Sabah, Amani-Nour, Alhadji Sy, Selly Sy, and Tidiane Sy.

Omar came to LA with his family in 2012. Omar and his wife have completed more than a decade together as a husband and wife. 

Helene Sy with her husband Omar Sy
Helene Sy with her husband Omar Sy Source: Instagram


Her husband Omar is 44 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Omar is $5 Million. He accumulates a hefty amount from his acting skills.

Helene Sy with her children
Helene Sy with her children Source: Instagram

Watching American Movies 

Omar opened up about him watching American movies in the interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Omar is originally from France. In 2012 he moved to the USA along with his family. 

While he was in France, he did many shows in France, but after moving to the USA, he began his acting career in the USA

When the interviewer asked him about watching American shows while in France, he said that he did watch American shows and grew up watching those shows. 

On the other hand, the interviewer said that the USA people don’t watch any French shows. 

Omar said that he had difficulties watching those because the titles were completely different.

Learned English From Kardashians

As Omar was from France, he had some difficulties speaking English for that he tried to learn English from the English shows. 

In a talk show, he opened up that when he thought of learning English, he tried learning for the TV shows, and for that, he watched the news channel CNN

But when he opened and listened to CNN, he found it too hard to understand as the news reporters were too fluent in the English language, and he found it hard to catch the words because it was too fast from him. 

He then dropped his idea of looking to CNN and told himself that he would watch CNN after learning English

After that, he changed the channel, and The Kardashians Show was going on, so he watched them and learned to speak English

Playing A Whole New Character

Omar talked about him playing a completely new role in his new movie Samba as Samba Cisse

He opened up it was challenging to him as the character he was going to play was completely different than his real character, and he had never played such roles before. 

But he was happy that he got to take that role as he is one of those person who love taking on challenges. 

His ascent made that role even more challenging as he has African ascent and had to work even harder to fit in that role. 

He wanted to do that character because he wanted to prove himself as an actor, and he was grateful that he got the chance to work with some great people.

Omar Faced Discrimination

Omar is an African immigrant who came to the USA to pursue his acting career. 

Back in time, he faced discrimination and struggled because of people's thoughts toward him. 

By judging his appearance, people thought that he was a poor guy and his life was hard, but he opened up that he had a very normal lifestyle and grew up with his eight siblings very happily. 

He never took his life as it was difficult. Instead, he enjoyed his life and said it was full of fun. 

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