Who Is Alison Hawkins? Wife Of Late Taylor Hawkins

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Who Is Alison Hawkins? Wife Of Late Taylor Hawkins

Alison Hawkins is the wife of late American musician Taylor Hawkins. Alison, herself is an illustrator by her profession. 

She has three children with her late husband, and their names are Oliver Shane Hawkins, Annabelle Hawkins and Everleigh Hawkins. 

She was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an American citizen. 

Alison Hawkins's late husband Taylor Hawkins and daughter Annabelle Hawkins
Alison Hawkins's late husband Taylor Hawkins and daughter Annabelle Hawkins Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Taylor was married to Alison. 

He got married to Alison back in 2005.  

Alison and Taylor are parents of three children. 

They welcomed their first kid, a son, in 2006, and three years later, they gave birth to their daughter in 2009

The couple welcomed their third daughter in 2015.

Taylor and Alison were together until Taylor's death on March 25, 2022. 

Alison Hawkins with her late husband Taylor Hawkins
Alison Hawkins with her late husband Taylor Hawkins Source: Pinterest


Her husband was 50 years old at the time of his death. Before his death, he had chest pains.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Taylor was $40 Million. His source of income was a musician. 

Death Of Loving Husband

Her husband died in a hotel in Bogota on 25 March 2022. He was in his musical events there. 

He had chest pain before he left the world. In his postmortem report, ten substances traces were found.

His sudden death was the most shocking news for family and fans.

Alison Hawkins's late husband Taylor Hawkins
Alison Hawkins's late husband, Taylor Hawkins Source: Instagram

Taylor Went Into A Coma

Taylor was a drug addict. He was so much into drugs that in August of 2001, his addiction led him to a coma. 

He overdosed on heroin, and he went into a coma straight for two weeks. 

He was not planning to have drugs to that extent, but according to him, he was partying at that moment. 

While partying, he took too many drugs than he was not supposed to. 

He then went off and woke up after two weeks. 

He realized what he was doing was wrong, and he knew that it wouldn't do good for his life. 

After that incident, he decided to change himself for himself.

Taylor Got Slapped By Prince 

Taylor and his band went to England for a performance. 

Their schedule was quite hectic as they couldn't even sleep nicely. 

They just flew to England overnight, and they had no time to sleep. Taylor revealed that he slept only for two hours. 

They were at the back of the stage, and that was when the Prince of England visited them. 

Prince asked Taylor if he was ready to perform, but Taylor was sleepy, and he said the same thing to Prince. 

The Prince then slapped him to get him out of his sleepiness. 

He then got angry at Prince and scolded him, but he saw the bodyguards of Prince, and he stayed quiet. 

He revealed that he was pissed off at the Prince.

Started Drumming At An Early Age

Taylor was well known as the drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters. 

In an interview, Taylor talked about when and how he developed a passion for drumming. 

He started drumming early and did his first band practice when he was ten years old. 

He opened up meeting a girl in his living room, and that girl played guitar very well. 

He and his other band friends called her Peppermint Patty as she had freckles and red hair. 

John Davison was also in his band when he first started band practicing. 

The first-ever show that he performed was when he was in elementary school, and that was in a multi-purpose room. 

It was the first time he got a chance to play drums in front of people, and he had a great teacher who helped him.

Taylor Found His Therapy

According to him, Taylor always didn't have a good time, and every time he felt depressed or sad, mountain biking was something that helped him. 

He was working far away from his parent's house in his younger days, and that was when he started his cardio. 

He had to go through dirt roads, and the bicycle was his option. 

Rather than staying ideal at home, he chose to go cycling, which helped him a lot. 

He also expressed that mountain biking has changed his life, and he had the best feeling while doing mountain biking.

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