Who Is Oliver Shane Hawkins? Son Of Taylor Hawkins

by Manisha Sat Apr 16 2022 Updated On Sun Jul 10 2022
Who Is Oliver Shane Hawkins? Son Of Taylor Hawkins

Oliver Shane Hawkins is the eldest son of a drummer and a performer Taylor Hawkins

His dad used to be in a band named Foo Fighters.

His dad passed away on 25th March 2022. His mother's name is Alison Hawkins.

When Oliver was very young, he used to perform with his father at events. 

Oliver also loves drumming like his father.

He has two sisters, Annabelle Hawkins and Everleigh Hawkins.

Was Oliver’s Father Taylor Married?

He was married to Alison Hawkins back in 2005. They were together until his last breath. 

Taylor and Alison have three children, two daughters and a son. They were married for 17 years.

Oliver Shane Hawkins's parents Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins
Oliver Shane Hawkins's parents Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins Source: Pinterest


Oliver is 16 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth

His dad's net worth was estimated to be $40 million before he died. 

His massive net worth was from his outstanding rock band career.

Taylor Shared A Funny Story About His Son 

In an interview, Taylor and his fellow musician friend Dave talked about their children and revealed how many children each band member had. 

Every band member was a family man. Dave told about what it is like to bring whole families on their tour. 

They used to get planes for themselves and their families whenever they headed out for a tour. 

During their concert, the children were seated at the back. 

Taylor shared a very funny story about his son. 

While he was on a Europe tour, he was on stage drumming, and his son popped his head from behind his drums at one point. His son went up on the stage, sat on his drum and started singing. 

After four songs, nine kids came up and sat on his drum. 

It was hilarious as there were thousands of fans who witnessed that incident.

Taylor Was Too Lazy To Learn Lines For The Horror Movie

The Foo Fighters came on a show to promote their horror movie. It was Dave's idea to make a horror movie. 

He had an idea that his band would move to a haunted house and start making records, and then he became possessed and murder everyone, and he would go solo. 

When Dave shared his idea with his band, Taylor was not sure if this idea would work out or not. 

After finishing the movie also, Taylor was still not sure. 

When they were given the movie's script, Taylor refused to learn his lines. 

He confessed that he was lazy to read those bunch of pages. The name of their movie is Studio 666.

Father's Death

The Foo Fighter shared the tragic death of their band member on 25 March through their social media. 

They were horrified by the untimely death of their fellow member. 

He was found dead in a hotel room in Colombia

They were on tour in Bogota, Columbia, at that time. 

He was fifty years old at the time of his breath. The news was such shocking news for all music lovers and families.

Oliver Shane Hawkins's parents Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins and sister Annabelle Hawkins
Oliver Shane Hawkins's parents, Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins, and sister Annabelle Hawkins Source: Pinterest

Lesser Known Facts About Taylor

He was not only an ace drummer but also a singer, guitarist and pianist.

He was addicted to heroin back in 2005, which put him into a coma for two weeks. 

He was into mountain biking. He grew up in California. Before Foo Fighters, he used to play for Alanis Morissette. 

He joined the band in 1997. He was a big fan of Queen’s Roger Taylor.

Hawkins and John Davinson were childhood friends. 

Taylor turned down Guns and Roses when Axl Rose reached out to him. He stuck with his band. 

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