Who Is Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia? Brother Of Carlos Alcaraz

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Who Is Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia? Brother Of Carlos Alcaraz

Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia is the brother of professional Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz. Alvaro himself is a former tennis player. 

He was born in 1999 and has his birthday on Nov 2. His parents are Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez and Virginia Garfia Escandon

He grew up with his three siblings are Carlos Alcaraz, Jaime Alcaraz Garfia, and Sergio Alcaraz Garfia. He is a Spanish citizen by his nationality.

Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia with his brother, Carlos Alcaraz, and their parents.
Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia with his brother, Carlos Alcaraz, and their parents. Source: Instagram

About Alvaro's Brother Carlos

Carlos is a professional tennis player. 

He is well known for being the World's No. one ranked tennis player in men's singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals

He was born in 2003 and has his birthday on May 5

Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia with his brother, Carlos Alcaraz.
Alvaro Alcaraz Garfia with his brother, Carlos Alcaraz. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Carlos

Carlos is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend. He is currently dating Maria Gonzalez Gimenez

Carlos hasn't opened up about his relationship with Maria

Their relationship came to the public after Carlos posted a picture of him kissing Maria on his Instagram.

Age And Net Worth 

His brother Carlos is 20 years old. He has a net worth of $14 Million

Carlos Is Proud To Be The Champion

Carlos won the Wimbledon Championship 2023 against the legend Novak Djokovic, and it was one of the greatest finals in the championship. 

The match was very close, and Carlos was at his best. 

After winning the title, he expressed to the audience that he was very proud of himself and his team, who had worked hard to get into that position. 

After working hard, he got to win the title, and only he knows his story and hard work outside the stadium. 

Winning the title was a massive thing for him as he was still young to make his name in tennis history. 

The audience also appreciated his speech and his winning at such a young age.

Carlos Broke The Novak Dominance

Carlos and Novak played against each other in the Wimbledon 2023 final match, and it was a history-changing match as Novak's dominance was finally ended. 

Novak has been winning the championship for ten years, and beating the best was the biggest thing for Carlos

He was pleased that he won the championship. 

He knew he would win the title someday, but he never expected to win the title at that age. 

Novak is at his best in crucial matches like this, and beating Novak in such a game was not something any player can do. 

He set an example for the new tennis players that hard work can lead to titles, and it was possible to beat the best.

Carlos Goes To Matches To Win

Carlos was trained by the legend Juan Carlos in his academy when Carlos was just 16. 

Juan revealed that at that age, he had a lot of things to see and learn. 

Carlos was already a great talent but needed guidance and training to reach a professional level. Carlos was approached by Juan to be trained by him. 

When his family broke out this news to Carlos, he was in shock, but after he went to train with Juan, he learned many things. 

Juan also realized that he was one of the talents that could make history in tennis. At such a young age, he was already playing so well. 

The main thing that made the difference, according to Juan, was the mentality of Carlos

He revealed that whenever Carlos goes to any match, he always has the mentality to win the game no matter who is in front of him.

Carlos Was Scared Of Hard Work

Carlos was just 16 when he got in touch with Juan. Juan personally trained him as he saw something within the small boy. 

Carlos always trained to be a professional tennis player, but he never thought he would be working day and night to be the best he could be. 

At first, he was shocked and a bit scared that he had to work multiple times than he used to before, but he did everything that Juan said to him to do. 

His hard work and talent led him to Rio for his debut in ATP. In his exact debut match, he won with a significant number and fabulous moves. 

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