Amaya Josephine Hermann

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Amaya Josephine Hermann

Amaya Josephine Hermann is the daughter of American actress, director, and philanthropist Mariska Hargitay and actor, producer, and writer Peter Hermann

Her Family 

Amaya Josephine was born on April 11, 2011, in Africa. Mariska Hargitay Hermann and her father, Peter Hermann, formally adopted her the same year. 

Her biological parent's information is not revealed yet.

Her both parents are actors. She has one elder brother and one younger brother. 

Her elder brother Andrew Nicholas Hargitay Hermann is the biological son of his parents. 

He was born on June 28, 2006.  He was born through a surgical procedure called Caesarean Section.  He is fifteen years old. 

Amaya Josephine Hermann with her parents and siblings
Amaya Josephine Hermann with her parents and siblings  Source: Instagram

Amaya’s younger brother’s name is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann.

Peter and Mariska also adopted him. He was born in October of 2011. He is ten years old. 

Mariska said in an interview that her family is perfect for her. 

She also mentioned that they are a whole, happy, joyful, chaotic, and crazy unit. 

Family photo of Amaya Josephine
Family photo of Amaya Josephine  Source: Pinterest

Excitement while meeting Dick Wolf

Amaya’s mother, Mariska, gave an interview on The Late Show hosted by Stephen. There she talked about her series Law and Order Svu and her first meeting with Dick Wolf

Mariska is a famous actor and filmmaker. She is popular for her role play in the famous series Law and Order Svu

Talking about her reaction and audition for the show, Mariska got super interested in that show when the makers approached her. When the offer came to her, she was working on her show. 

When she was given the script of that show, she read it, got very excited about it, and thought it was just what she wanted to do. 

She went there for a second time after she received a call where she saw that there was another girl. 

That girl was there for another character, but Mariska thought that the girl was also there for the same role as Mariska

Mariska even thought that the girl was chosen for the show and said she should not be wasting her time.  

But later found out that the girl was not there for her role, her misunderstanding cleared up, and they became friends. She also met Dick Wolf, who was the producer of that show for the very first time. 

Although she didn’t know much about him, she was so glad to meet him. They talked about some interesting things. In that show, she got a chance to meet and work with many brilliant actors. 

She also met Mr. Snoop, whom she liked the most. She got the chance to know Snoop, who was a great personality and a kind human. She got comfortable with him in a very short time.

Mariska is Basketball Mom

The Emmy and Gold award winner Mariska Hargitay gave an interview on the TheEllenShow

There in that interview, she talked about many things. She was warmly welcomed by Ellen in her show, and the audience was happy to see her there. 

Ellen and Mariska have known each other for many years, and Mariska comes to her show every five years.

Ellen then talked about Mariska's show saying that she loves watching her show. Mariska also watches her show, and she said that she is a massive fan of Taveres, a little kid. 

Mariska noted that she finds happiness in that kid and is adorable.

She herself is the mother of three children. She had children of ages 5,6 and 10, and she loves them very much. 

She said that her kids gave her big surprises on mothers day. Her kids bring a lot of happiness and enjoy the moment in her life. 

One of the sons is a basketball lover, and he is entirely into it. She goes with her son and because of that, she has become one of the basketball moms. 

Before that, she never knew that she had something like basketball. She said she keeps on shouting while her kid is in the match because she has that kind of attachment with her child as a mother. 

There are other parents too, and they also do the same. Ellen then asked her if people noticed her when she yelled in her kid's match. 

She replied that no, as they understood that she was just there as a cheering mom. 

But once, she got furious at the referee and shouted at him as he was not keeping the match properly. 

Although she wasn't the coach, she knew some wrong things, and she got furious.

Girl Defended herself after Watching Mariska’s Show 

Mariska has shown her appearance in the show Law and Order: SVU.

She played the character of Olivia Benson in that show. The podcast "TODAY" interviewed a girl who saved herself from being kidnapped. 

11 years old girl from Florida named Alyssa saved herself from a kidnapper. 

When she asked how she escaped that dreadful situation, the girl replied that she learned watching Mariska's show Law and Order SVU.

The little girl was playing when a man tried to kidnap her. The girl had a blue smile ball with whom she was playing. 

She rubbed the slime in the arm of the kidnapper and then got herself saved from him.

Mariska joined the interview and surprised that little girl. Mariska told the girl she was much honored to see that girl safe and was proud of how that girl defended her from getting into such a big problem. 

Mariska complimented the girl, saying she was strong, brave, and amazing. 

On the other side, the girl was also very happy to see Mariska in front of her. 

The little girl told Mariska she had never thought she would be talking to actress Mariska

It was like a dream to her. Mariska showed a script she had signed for the girl and wrote "You are my hero" on it. 

Mariska said that she felt really happy to see the little girl was now safe and doing fine. 

Mariska is amazed by the little girl's move against the kidnapper, and the girl inspires people. 

Mariska would ask that girl to be on her team if her character Olivia had to say something to her.

Amaya’s Parents

Amaya’s parents met on the set while shooting a television series called Law and Order: Special Victim Unit.

They got married on August 28, 2004, in Santa Barbara, California. They are in their sixteen years of marriage. 

There has been no rumor about their marital dispute or any scandal. 

Mariska mentioned that they understand each other very well and are a happy couple. 

Having the same profession also helped them to understand each other better. 

Peter has appeared on several television shows like Guiding light, All my children, Sex and the City, A Gifted Man, Bored to Death, Hope and Faith, Beautiful People, Younger, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Good Wife, and so on.

He has also appeared in various movies like The Treatment, Too Big to Fail, Chinese Puzzle, Duane Incarnate, Swim Fan, United 93, and so forth. 

Amaya’s mother has appeared in more than thirty television series.

She has also appeared on the pilot episode of the biggest 90s sitcom Seinfeld. She has also starred in one of the episodes of Baywatch

Mariska has appeared more in the 80s and 90s movies such as Ghoulies, Welcome to 18, The Perfect Weapon, Strawberry Road, and Perfume, which are some of her recognized works. 

Amaya Josephine Hermann Parents
Amaya Josephine Hermann Parents  Source: Instagram

Reason for Adoption by Amaya’s Parents

They both wanted to start a family. Mariska mainly was a family-driven person. 

Her mother died when she was just three years old kid.  Her mother had a car accident. 

This caused her spot death. She was brought up and raised by a stepmother and half-siblings. 

She knew exactly what it’s like not to have a good mother figure. This was one of the main reasons why she wanted to have a family. 

She also knew that many kids do not have their biological parents and could not access basic needs. 

So, she wanted to adopt kids. She said the family is supposed to be biological, and there are different ways a family can be created. 

She also added saying that a bond is what it takes to build a true family. 

Now the pair is blessed with three kids and is a happy family of five members. 

Amaya with her parents
Amaya with her parents  Source: Pinterest

Proud to be on the Longest-Running Show

Mariska Hargitay has in the longest-running TV show Law and Order: SUV

As she has been in the show since its beginning, her character has also been noted as the longest-running female character in the history of TV Drama.  

In this interview, Mariska opened up about her feeling about being in that show. 

She said that she feels grateful and satisfied playing a role in that show. 

She has huge respect and love for her whole cast member, and as they have been working together for such a long time, the entire cast feels like family to her. 

Her TV show is about believing victims, which makes her even proud of being in the show. 

Mariska then shared about an incident that happened with her that made her day. 

While Mariska was about to leave her house, a girl came to her and said that Mariska inspired her and changed her whole life. 

That girl told Mariska that she was trying to be a psychologist for victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence. 

After hearing that, Mariska felt proud of herself, and that girl's words made her whole day. Mariska loves her character and thinks it's the best job she has done. 

She has got the opportunity to work with great actors through her character. 

Sometimes, she can't believe how she reached such a big point in her life. She then talked about her husband and told him about their first met. 

Her first impression of her husband was that she was stunned when she saw him because her husband was way too handsome. 

She was nervous when she met her husband for the first time. She said her a crowd on their first meet. 

After that, they slowly started getting along and were successfully married for 17 years. parents' 

Net Worth

Amaya is too young to work. She is still in school. She studies in grade four. 

The net worth of her mother is given below:

Net WorthSources
$100 million Actress, businesswoman

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She is ten years old.
  2. Her nationality is American.
  3. Her ethnicity is African.
  4. Her height is four feet and six inches.
  5. Her weight is twenty-five kilograms.

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