Who Is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann? Son Of Mariska Hargitay

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Who Is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann? Son Of Mariska Hargitay

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann is a celebrity kid. His parents are Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann

His mom and dad are well-known actors

He was named after his father's family name and paternal grandfather. His birthday is on 28th June

He has two siblings, Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann, and Amaya Josephine Hermann

Family Of August Miklos Friedrich Hermann
Family Of August Miklos Friedrich Hermann Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

August's parents have been married for eighteen years. 

They exchanged their wedding vows in 2004 after dating for three years. 

Their marriage is one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood. The duo has a rock-solid bond. 

They couple is blessed with three children. August is their biological son, whereas Amaya and Andrew are their adopted children.

They are a family of five.

Mariska and Peter always envisioned a big family, and now they got one.

They are enjoying their parenthood. Peter is her biggest support system. 

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann's parents Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann
August Miklos Friedrich Hermann's parents Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann Source: Instagram

How Did Mariska Meet Her Husband?

They met each other on the set of Law and Order: SVU in 2002

She was starring as Lieutenant Olivia Benson in the show, and Peter made a guest appearance in that show as defense attorney Trevor Langan

They connected so quickly and started dating each other. 

Hargitay was so sure that he was the right person for her that she could not control her feelings and cried in the middle of their date. 

She was overwhelmed that she had got the love of her life and the man of her dreams. 

After the date, she called her friend and said that she would marry Peter as he was the one with whom she could spend the rest of her life and build a family.

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann with his mother Mariska Hargitay
August Miklos Friedrich Hermann with his mother Mariska Hargitay Source: Pinterest 

Mariska Talks About Working In Law and Order

Mariska is known for her role in one of the longest drama series, Law and Order: SVU She has been on the show since 1990, and she has spent more than two decades on that show. 

In the interview with Glamour, Mariska opened up about being part of that series has changed her whole life, and it has also taught her so many things that she was unaware of it. 

The series Law and Order is based on s*xual, domestic violence, and the crimes that exist in the world. When she joined the show, she only had very little idea about s*xual and domestic violence. 

As the whole show was based on those things, her little knowledge of those matters was absolutely not enough. 

Because of that, she had to educate herself about all those things, and when she started going deep inside those subjects, it was a really hard time to exactly know what s*xual assault and child abuse is. 

Mariska feels really grateful that she got to work in such a great series as it helped her know about those things and made her so strong to deal with and work for the people who have been through it. 

The experience that she gained from the series and the deep things that she knew about violence made her establish her own foundation. 

She runs a foundation named Joyful Heart Foundation, whose purpose is to change society's response to domestic and sexual violence. 

Through that foundation, she wants to support the victims and demolish them completely from society. She feels that all people are born with light and happiness, so everyone deserves that. 

She implies the same thing in her life, so she loves being with her family. Her family makes her happy, and she makes sure that she surrounds herself with people that are good for her mental health.


August was born in 2006, and his current age is 15 years old.

Net Worth

Mariska's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $100 million

She has managed to earn this massive net worth from her acting career, especially from her show Law and Order.

According to the report, she charged around $450,000 per episode for Law and Order.

She was the second-highest-paid actress in 2018.

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann's father, Peter Hermann
August Miklos Friedrich Hermann's father, Peter Hermann Source: Instagram

Mariska Talks About What Her Audition Was Like

Mariska had a unique audition for Law and Order.

When she met Christopher Meloni, they had a certain chemistry. She wasn't nervous at the audition. 

She even recreated the audition day when she met Christopher. 

Christopher opened the audition room door, and they saw each other and were very excited and hugged each other, and she addressed him by calling Slattery

She heard that John Slattery was testing for the part, and she was excited to meet him in person; and when Meloni came in, she screamed, calling him Slattery

At last, she said that she and Slattery would have been great together.

Hargitay Is Proud To Be Part Of Longest-Running Show

She was grateful to be a part of the longest-running show on TV. 

She felt very satisfied because she was having more fun. She loves her cast, and they are family to her. 

The show was about believing victims, which was the most rewarding thing for her. 

She was so proud that her show and character inspired a young girl to pursue a career in psychology and work against sexual assault and crimes. 

She felt like she had the best job and was deeply fulfilled. 

Mariska loved her character and loved what she represented. 

The show had been so long, so she got a chance to work with amazing actors, including her husband.

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