Who Is Amina Seferovic? Stunning Wife Of Haris Seferovic

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Who Is Amina Seferovic? Stunning Wife Of Haris Seferovic

Amina Seferovic is the wife of professional Swiss football player Haris Seferovic.

Her husband plays for Benfica FC as a striker and also plays for the Swiss national team

Amina is a social media star and influencer. She is a Swiss citizen.

Amina Seferovic and Haris Seferovic.
Amina Seferovic and Haris Seferovic. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Amina is currently married to her husband, Haris Seferovic, a well-known footballer. 

The couple happily tied the knot in April 2019, and since then, they have been happily living together. 

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As of 2022, the couple has two children, a daughter, and a son. Their daughter's name is Inaya, and their son’s name is Zyan.

Amina and Haris were best friends before they became a couple. 

Their friendship slowly changed into love, and they started dating. 

After dating for a long time, they are now husband and wife. Amina has remained very supportive of her husband throughout his career. 

Family of Amina Seferovic.
Family of Amina Seferovic. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Amina are unknown. However, her husband, Haris, is 30 years old and has a net worth of $1.5 Million.

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Amina Seferovic with her husband, Haris Seferovic.
Amina Seferovic with her husband, Haris Seferovic. Source: Instagram

As A Supportive Wife

Haris was dating his now-wife Amina in 2018. 

At that time, the World Cup was ongoing and hyped. Being one of the main players for the Switzerland national team, he and his team were going against Costa Rica in the World Cup. 

To surprise him, his girlfriend was also present in the crowd to support him. 

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His girlfriend was standing in the stands wearing Switzerland’s jersey to support the striker.

She came earlier than the match started. It was also a great thing to boost the striker’s confidence. 

This really showed how supportive Amina was towards Haris.

Haris Was Taken To Custody By Local Police

Haris and his partner were celebrating Haris’s 22nd birthday in San Sebastian

The party became an argument between the couple, and things heated up. 

The local police saw this, and for the same reason, Haris was taken over by the local police. 

He was taken into custody and was reported to be in front of the court. While his girlfriend said they were just having a couple of arguments, there was nothing serious for the police to interfere in the case. 

She didn’t even case any file against the player. On the other hand, the news reached his club, Real Sociedad

The club also stated that it was something that kept the name of the club in the line. 

So they also said that they would be taking action against the player after the investigation of the case.

The Fans Criticized Haris

Haris was playing against Northern Ireland. Switzerland had already booked their place in the World Cup 2018 in Russia by playing well in the past match. 

They just had to stay without any score from Northern Ireland’s side in the match. 

But to stay safe, Haris had some gifted chances to score. But he was unable to utilize the opportunity into a goal. 

So during his substitution, the fans criticized him by booing and whistling. According to Switzerland's coach, it was very bad behavior shown by the fans.

Haris was one of the best performers for Switzerland in the qualifying matches. So people should have been proud of him. 

The coach even told the fans to learn something from the opposing team’s fans as they supported their team at its worst.

Haris’s Injury Was A Bad News

Haris once played for Bundesliga with the club Eintracht Frankfurt where he was one of the main players. 

But in a match against FC Schalke, he got himself injured. He went through a thigh injury, and he missed the team matches for two weeks. 

He was out for a long time, bringing many losses to his team. His injury was bad news for his team. 

But he returned to the training session after being tested all was okay. 

He was not playing in the matches but was appearing in the training sessions. 

He was yet to reach his full potential, and his team eagerly awaited him.

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