Amra Nor Jenkins

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Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins is the youngest daughter of American rapper Jeezy. Her mother name is Mahi

She has two siblings named Jadarius and Shyheim Jenkins. She was born in 2014 and is currently eight years old

She is an American citizen by her nationality. 

Amra Nor Jenkins parents Jezzy and Mahi
Amra Nor Jenkins parents Jezzy and Mahi Source: Bossip

Married Life Of Amra's Dad Jeezy 

Jeezy is currently married to Jeannie Mai. The couple happily got married to each other in the year 2020.

A year before their marriage, the couple got engaged with each other. 

Soon after their marriage, they revealed about them being parents soon. They have a daughter together and are very happy together. 

How Did Jeezy Met His Wife?

Jeezy met the love of his life, Jeannie, on a daytime talk show hosted by Jeannie. That show is produced by herself. 

They met each other, knew each other and soon after some time, they started dating each other in 2018

They dated for three years and then got married. They have one child named Jenkins together.

Jeezy with his wife Jeannie Mai
Jeezy with his wife Jeannie Mai Source: Instagram

About Jeezy 

He is an American rapper born on September 28, 1977

His birth name is Jay Wayne Jenkins, but professionally he is known by the name of Jezzy

He was born and raised by his parents in Columbia, South Carolina

He is a well-known rapper famous for his album Thuggin' Under the Influence (T.U.I.). He has released many rap songs to date. 

He has collaborated with many renowned artists like Rihanna and Akon. 

He is a family man who has three children.

He was once engaged to Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin but later broke up.

Jeezy captured in his red outfit
Jeezy captured in his red outfit  Source: Instagram 


Amra was born in February 2014.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jeezy is $10 Million. His source of income comes as being a rapper. 

The average income of a rapper is $49,920 per year.

Amra Nor Jenkins's Father Almost Died In An Accident?

Amra's father is a finest rapper. He has faced a lot of horrific events in his life, but in September of 2007, he almost lost his life. 

He was coming out from the parking of Justin's in Atlanta to the road when a taxi suddenly appeared. 

The cab was going fast in the wrong lane, and the rapper was in his million-worth Bugatti Veyron

The cab hit his car's front part and was damaged. He would have faced death if he had been directly hit by the cab. 

Thankfully, the rapper was not seriously hurt.

Jeezy Threatened To Kill His Son

Back in 2014, he had a lot of legal issues upon his head as he refused to provide his details after clashing up with the police. 

In addition, he was arrested and charged $ 40,000 for the violence he caused to his teenage son. 

He not only threatened to kill him but also beat him badly. 

The boy was sitting in the bathroom when the rapper entered there and slammed him onto the door. 

Not only that, the rapper threw the boy to the wall and bed. The boy tried to escape, but the rapper's bodyguards didn't let him. 

He arrived at his mother's place after two days of the incident. He was full of scratches and cuts. 

He told all this to the police, and his mother helped him. That is when the rapper was arrested.

Jeezy Was Arrested For Shooting A Man

Wiz Khalifa had a concert in Shoreline Amphitheater in Northern California. Some gunshots were heard at 11 pm night. 

When the locals complained about this matter to the police, Mountain View Police Department arrived. 

There the police found Jeezy and other people were present at the scene. They were then taken into custody. 

The shot killed an older man, and the gun was found hidden in a tourist bus. Since Jeezy was arrested, he had to pay $1 million for his bail.

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