Who Is Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin? Ex-Fiance Of Jeezy

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Who Is Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin? Ex-Fiance Of Jeezy

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin is the ex-fiance of American rapper Jeezy. 

She is well known by her stage name "Mahi." She is a singer by her profession. 

She belongs to Ethiopia ethnicity.  She has a daughter named Amra Nor Jenkins with her ex-fiance.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin's ex-boyfriend Jeezy and daughter Amra Nor Jenkins
Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin's ex-boyfriend Jeezy and daughter Amra Nor Jenkins Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Ex-Fiance 

Jeezy is currently married to Jeannie Mai.

The couple started dating each other back in 2018, and two years later, they got engaged. 

In 2021, Jeannie married Jeezy

They have a daughter together, born in 2022

Jeezy with his present wife Jeannie Mai
Jeezy with his present wife Jeannie Mai Source: Instagram

Past Relationship

Back in 2010, he started dating Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin

They dated each other for nine years straight, and after that, they ended their relationship.

He got engaged to Mahi in 2016. They had a daughter together, Amra Nor Jenkins

He also has a son from his previous relationship, but he hasn't opened up about his son's mother.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin with her ex-fiance Jeezy
Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin with her ex-fiance Jeezy Source: Distractify


Jeezy is 44 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of her ex-fiance is $10 Million. His source of income is rapping.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin's ex-fiance Jeezy
Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin's ex-fiance Jeezy Source: Instagram

Hard Childhood Days

Jeezy has earned a huge name and fame in the music industry, and he is now a well-known rapper. 

He started his music career as a street hustle. In one of the interviews, he said that his childhood was challenging. 

His parents got separated from each other when he was a child. 

He also opened up that when he was just eleven, he started selling drugs. 

He said that his whole family had work, and they had a very average salary. 

His mom was an alcoholic, and she used to take out her whole frustration on him. 

He belonged to a low-income family, and they couldn't be able to afford food sometimes. 

Crazy Memory With Meech 

In the interview with Vlad, he opened up about one of the craziest stories with BMF leader Big Meech

He said that he suddenly got a call from Meech, and Meech said to him that they were going on a weekend to Cancun

He opened up that Meech booked a whole plane and took 300 people, including Jeezy, to Cancun, Mexico, including Jeezy

While they were on the flight, his friend Meech was not obeying to pilots, and he disagreed with sitting down. 

The crazy part was Meech wanted to fly outside the plane. 

Meech even booked a whole hotel for all the 300 people, and they went to the same club for days. 

It was the craziest memory for Jeezy with Meech, but he enjoyed that trip.

Jeezy Assaulted His Son

Jeezy's one of the sons has accused him of physically assault.

He got in a fight with his son, and he banged his son on the shower door and cut his head. 

He dragged his son into his bedroom, and he didn't allow him to escape from that room.

His son also reported that Jeezy choked him and told him he would take his life if he tried to get out of there. 

After that, Jeezy was taken into custody, but he got bailed out by paying a fine. 

Kicked Out From Parents' House 

Jeezy had a hard time dealing with his childhood. 

After his parent's separation, he and his mother started living in a trailer worth $6,500. 

He was the one who paid for that trailer, and he paid it with the money that he earned from street hustling. 

But his mom kicked him out of his own house after they had an argument. 

His mom even showed him a weapon before kicking him out of the house. 

After that, he started living with his dad, but he was sent to his aunt's house after some time. 

He then lived with his grandma, and while he was living there, he started selling drugs outside his grandma's house. 

He used to sell drugs in the morning as he had to go to school in the afternoon. 

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